OnlyFans Titus Low Jailed In Singapore For “Violating Obscenity Laws”

photo via Instagram (@titusslow)

Titus Low, 22, has been jailed for three weeks in Singapore for “violating Singapore’s obscenity laws and defying a court order.” Slow, who identifies as bi-sexual, regularly posts to the online platform OnlyFans, in fact, he is the most recognizable and popular content creator in Singapore. The social media influencer also has to pay $3,000 in fines. 



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As previously reported by the Los Angeles Blade

“The case against the bi-OnlyFans creator was initiated in December of 2021 after a man filed a complaint with Singaporean police in which he stated he had found an obscene video of Low performing a sex act on the mobile phone of the complainant’s 12-year-old niece. As part of his bail and release Low was ordered to stay off his account and not post further new content. In January of this year on his Instagram and Tik-Tok accounts Low posted a video where he pointed out that his videos were meant for his adult fans.”


Low spoke to his fans through both his Twitter and TikTok accounts, accepting responsibility and admitting “mistakes were made.” Deputy Public Prosecutor Thiagesh Sukumaran railed into the defendant explaining,

“He spun an elaborate story about his OnlyFans account being compromised to deceive the platform and regain access to his account. He also breached the police order more than once,”





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Low is the first – and only – OnlyFans creator to be jailed in Singapore, a country that leans conservative on issues like abortion, prostitution, sex, and the queer community. Smells a little fishy, doesn’t it? 


Low defied the police order feeling that he had fans who paid for subscriptions and felt he owed them content. He promises new content upon his release.


Sources: Los Angeles Blade

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