Oops! Anderson Cooper Screwed Up His Self-Isolation Haircut

Credit: Anderson Cooper Instagram

It’s sometimes best to leave things to the professionals. Anderson Cooper experienced just that when he tried to give himself a DIY haircut that turned into an epic fail. 

The 52-year-old detailed what happened late last week while chatting with CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta during an infection prevention segment. 


“I’m hoping you make a tutorial about how to give yourself a haircut, because last night I took a razor and buzzed my head, and I gave myself a giant bald spot over here, which I find very… I missed,” he said while showing off his mishap. “I thought it was a 7 and it was a 5, and I don’t know.”

Anderson then admitted that he’s been walking around with his hand covering his bald spot. Meanwhile his BFF Andy Cohen recently confessed that this is the longest he’s gone without having sex since his college days. Ahh… the problems we are dealing with in quarantine are real folks. 

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