Openly Gay Radio Host Stunned His Co-Host With Number Of Guys He’s Slept With

During a recent broadcast of the popular Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia, a conversation about numbers of sex partners left one of the hosts speechless.

According to The Daily Mail, host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson asked both her co-host Kyle Sandilands and the show’s newsreader, Brooklyn Ross, how many sexual partners they’d each had.

Henderson didn’t go for a specific number per se, but did ask Ross, “What would you say – less than…?”

After a second, Ross (who’s openly gay) slowly replied, “Less than 200.”

That apparently surprised Henderson who could only muster a stunned, “Wow!”

Sandilands, who has discussed his own past sexual addiction on the show before, defended Ross saying, “Let the guy live a life!”

Ross, who is 30-years-old, justified the number pointing out, “There’s 52 weeks in a year!”

Sandilands jumped back in with, “And there’s only seven days in a week!”

Henderson, still shocked, came back, “Yeah, but you’re working five days of those as well!”

Umm, you can go to work and have sex in the same day, can’t you?



This all comes just a week after Ross shared with the show’s listeners that when he was younger, his mother considered sending him to so-called ‘conversion therapy’

We started doing some math here at Instinct, and if you guess a young man began having sex at, say, 18-years-old, over the course of the next 12 years that’s 144 months.

Two hundred divided by 144 months would mean an average of 1.3 different sex partners a month.

Does that sound like a lot of sexual partners for a gay man who’s 30-years-old?

Let us know in the comments section.

(h/t Daily Mail)

10 thoughts on “Openly Gay Radio Host Stunned His Co-Host With Number Of Guys He’s Slept With”

  1. several thousand at least,

    several thousand at least, between BJ's, reach and grabs, down right fuck sessions. blow and go's, bathroom trists…  please. if you say less than 100 you are lying, 

  2. Let’s get honest here mature

    Let’s get honest here mature men who went through the 70s all the way till now. Those numbers could well exceed 1000. 

  3. Well, they say you have to go

    Well, they say you have to go through 100 melons to find one good one. So he's only had 2 good ones really. 🙂


  4. In the 80s …200 people was

    In the 80s …200 people was racked up pretty quickly between sex clubs, bath houses and house orgies. Six weekends worth of fun .

  5. I personally feel that there

    I personally feel that there’s a lot of drug use and anonymous sex in the gay community do to a lack of acceptance at home. Clearly he’s not accepted by his family (conversion therapy), and he’s looking for love in all the wrong places. Statistically he most likely has genital herpes along with who knows what else.

    • No sex is hot and worth while

      No sex is hot and worth while. Golfing is whats boring and safe and if you notice golf courses are closing all over now.


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