Oprah Gives Anti-LGBT Pastor John Gray OWN Show.

"The Book of John Gray" premiered this Saturday (April 15) on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).   There's nothing wrong with the inclusion of people of faith on reality tv, but it appears that Pastor John Gray doesn't have the best track record on being inclusive of gay people.

Pastor John Gray tweeted: "homosexuality is no different from fornication, adultery, lying or any other sin God was clear about. It's all the same-4those who believe."

He also tweeted that he was less than thrilled by the mass marrying of gay people on The Grammys in 2014.

John Gray, an associate teaching pastor at Lakewood Church, felt the performance was a dishonour, tweeting that “adding clear church imagery is wrong.” Bryan Fischer, a director of issue analysis at the American Family Association, felt the wedding ceremonies were “sodomy-based.” – news.nationalpost.com

John Gray said that he would stop shopping at Target when they stopped labeling gender specific toys –

When Michael Sam came out and he was lauded as heroic and others praised him saying, "As Michael Sam embarked on his journey he had support and advice from pioneers and allies before him. Wade Davis,…" the Pastor tweeted:

On the day that Obama said that Same-Sex Marriage should be legal …

In a message from one of our readers, Jason writes "I wonder if Oprah is aware of the dangerous things that her newest reality star has said about the LGBTQ community?"

Here's one of the preview videos for "The Book of John Gray." Not that there is a correlation to any of the above, but the preview does share at around 1:40 that Gray appears to talk about being molested at a younger age.

In other OWN programming, the show's lead-in is "IYANLA FIX MY LIFE." An OWN press release states that host Iyanla is doing an episode on the survivors of the Pulse massacre this season:

In an emotional season finale, Iyanla brings together six survivors of the Pulse nightclub tragedy, the deadliest mass shooting in American history. Each have been suffering in distinctly different ways since surviving the shooting. With no "fix," Iyanla will explore this painful memory so that each person can hopefully heal and begin to move forward, so that we can all learn from this tragedy. – thefutoncritic.com

We wonder what will be on "The Book of John Gray" that night.

What do you think Instincters?

Do you feel that John Gray's beliefs are his own and are okay to share on his show?

Will his hate, excuse me, anti-LGBT religious beliefs be show on OWN or will they hit the edit room floor?

Should it matter if they make the broadcast or not? The fact that he has them and has a show to promote himself is wrong?

h/t: Jason Winters,  thefutoncritic.comnews.nationalpost.com

What do you think?