“Our Sex Life Is Back”- HBO Max Renews ‘And Just Like That’ For S2

The much-anticipated (and equally much-discussed) next chapter of Sex and the City titled And Just Like That has officially gotten the green light for a Season 2. The renewal is definitely not a surprising one for the HBO Max series, which is marked as the most viewed series premiere of a new original program on the service. The finale of Season 1 saw Carrie Preston (formerly Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker) saying a final farewell to dearly departed husband John James Preston in Paris, then planning to meet off-screen with former pivotal character Samantha Jones (who she had been conversing with via text throughout the series). 

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As the finale of Season 1 showed its final scenes, Carrie was seen locking lips with smoldering podcast producer Franklyn (Ivan Hernandez). Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) was fully enmeshed in a brand-new and complicated relationship of her own with Che (Sara Ramirez), while Charlotte and Harry Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis & Evan Handler) were navigating their own journey of possibly having a non-binary child of their own (daughter Rose became Rock during Season 1). New characters were becoming fully enmeshed in the ladies’ lives, with Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury) emerging as one of the breakout characters of Season 1, as well as a natural fit with the ladies. 


There are however, several characters we won’t be seeing on the next season of And Just Like That. Deadline spoke with HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys confirms that the sun has set on Carrie’s relationship with Mr. Big (after his shocking death launched story for the remainder of the series run). While Big’s portrayer Chris Noth’s sexual assault accusations off-screen resulted in having Big not appear in the final episode, Bloys says “They were in the middle of editing when all of that came out. The important thing is it wasn’t necessary to have him in that scene, as you’ve now seen the finale, it didn’t make or break the show by any means”. Bloys went on to say “I think that was an easy decision because… obviously his character’s dead and we’re not having any more flashbacks to him. So that doesn’t affect a decision on season two”.


As for any further appearances by former fourth member of the quartet Samantha Jones (played by Kim Cattrall) it looks like that is also off the table, as the character is now based in London. Bloys said “I don’t think [she’d return],” he added. “I think they handled it really sensitively and really well. I don’t expect to have those conversations”.

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