Out Artists With Something For Everyone: From Country To Dance To Pop

Cover art for Ty Herndon’s “Til You Get There”

It’s New Music Monday and we’ve got something for everyone – country, dance, retro-pop and more – in this round-up of new tracks from out artists.

Till You Get There” is the first single from award-winning out country artist Ty Herndon’s forthcoming album, JACOB.


“This song is about the trials and tribulations we all face in life — both big and small — that can seem so overwhelming and discouraging when they’re happening,” Herndon shares about the song. “But I believe everything happens just the way God intends, and we don’t always know what all those bumps along our journeys mean until we reach the end.”

Herndon’s signature effortless vocals soar across the country anthem’s driving beat and rich orchestration. Follow the handsome Herndon on Instagram here.


Dance-pop artist and DJ Alex Chapman has released his new tongue-in-cheek dance floor filler, “HORSEY,” featuring pop sensation Kim Petras.

Chapman was a smash opening for Petras’s North American and European tours, so there’s no surprise the two would team up for this cheeky yet ridiculously catchy earworm.

“I’m so excited for people to hear this song,” shares Alex. “It’s my introduction as an artist in a way, and it tells you what I am all about— dance music, having fun, and high-quality stupidity.”


Alex will be closing out Pride Month with a bang DJing New York Pride’s official two-day Pride Island event on Sunday, June 26, alongside a lineup that includes Petras, Lil’ Kim, Shenseea, Netta, and more.

Chapman has set his sights on becoming “the gay Calvin Harris,” and we’re pretty sure he’s going to get there. Follow him on Instagram here.

L-R VINCINT, Kelechi

LA-based recording artist Kelechi joined forces with music contemporary, VINCINT, for the soulful new single, “Just Another Song.”

Kelechi says the upbeat, retro-pop track is “about picking up the pieces of your broken heart by throwing your cares away and dancing like nobody’s watching.”

“It feels like a full circle moment and I’m so excited for everyone to hear this summer love song we made,” VINCINT told Paper Magazine. “Kelechi is an extremely driven and dedicated artist, and creating this moment with my sister is truly one of the greatest joys I’ve experienced.”

It’s hard to imagine two more perfectly-paired voices than this duo. And the music video is a fun, uncluttered throw-back to 1980s when artists kept the focus on the music.


Follow Kelechi on Instagram here, and the always-victorious VINCINT here.

Cover art for Oliver Sim's "Hideous"
Cover art for Oliver Sim’s “Hideous”

Oliver Sim – vocalist and bass player for minimalist post-punk band The xx – shared with his social media followers this week that he’s been living with HIV since he was a teenager. Facing the fear and shame he’s carried for so long, he put those feelings down in the musical form of his latest single, “Hideous.”


Sim’s rich vocals are framed in a beautiful, lush pop-synth soundscape. And the lyrics, pensive and contemplative, are candid in their personal nature:

Radical honesty might set me free / If it makes me hideous
Been living with HIV since seventeen / Am I hideous?

“I’ve been living with HIV since I was 17 and it’s played with how I’ve felt towards myself, and how I’ve assumed others have felt towards me, from that age and into my adult life. So, quite impulsively, I wrote about it on a song called ‘Hideous,’” wrote the 32-year-old on Instagram.

“Since writing ‘Hideous,’ I’ve spent the last two years having conversations, which was difficult and uncomfortable to start with, but has allowed me to feel a lot freer and has only strengthened my relationship with myself and with the people in my life,” he added.


At the end of his note, Sims concludes the question “Am I hideous?” no longer feels like a question to the outside world but rather “a counter active one for myself.”

“Hideous” is taken from Hideous Bastard, the debut album by Oliver Sim available for pre-order now. You can follow Sim on Instagram here.

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