Out NFL Player Carl Nassib Talks All About Being a Swiftie

Carl Nassib is currently the only National Football League (NFL) player who is openly gay, and aside from that, he is also a very vocal Swiftie.


In fact when Taylor Swift announced her latest album titled “Midnights,” the 29-year-old football player reposted the news about it on his Instagram story with a caption that read:

“The grip this chick has on me is relentless.”

On October 21, Swift’s highly anticipated album was finally released, and Nassib was more than willing to talk about his fanboy journey in an interview with Interview Magazine. First off, he talked about how his journey as a Swiftie began stating,

“The first album I ever heard was Speak Now, when I was in high school. I’d never heard of Taylor Swift. And all my buddies, my whole friend group, we were all listening to “Long Live.” And I was like, ‘Oh, man, this is a really, really good song.’ And then I heard her songs at prom, and all that stuff. And I was like, ‘Man, she’s awesome.’ So my friends and I went to see her on tour for Speak Now. And then a few years later, I saw her on tour for Red. And then a few years back, I saw her at the Reputation tour.”


When asked if he’s a hardcore Swiftie, the athlete confirmed:

“Oh, yeah. Primetime. One-thousand percent.”

He also shared that he listens to Taylor Swift on his headphones in the locker room. Nassib then revealed his favorite songs in the new “Midnights” album expressing,

““Midnight Rain” is definitely the one I listen to most right now. “Karma” is awesome. And then “Maroon.” So that’s my top three.”


Moreover, he was asked what his favorite Taylor Swift album is, and the football player responded,

“Great question. Oh sh*t, this is tough, man. Wait, I have to remember not to curse in these interviews. Man, getting asked your favorite Taylor Swift album is like getting asked who’s your favorite sibling.”

And after much thought, he finally answered:

“I’m gonna go with Folklore.”

Nassib also expressed that he plays “Folklore” and “Evermore” when he’s by himself in his feelings.

Source: interviewmagazine.com

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