Out Reality Star is in the Running for Half a Million Dollars!

Photo Credit: @hughiemaughanofficial on Instagram

I can think of one reason why he keeps getting booked. Can you?

Hughie Maughan, age 28, is one of the elite reality TV stars who’ve turned an opportunity into a career. Within seven years, he’s grown to international fame and become what some fans have called an “icon.”


Maughan first graced television screens in the UK when he became the runner up of Big Brother in 2016. It was during this journey that he publicly came out as gay. In 2017, he took his talents to Ireland during its inaugural season of Dancing with the Stars – where he was unfortunately eliminated first. 

Then, in 2021, he started his tenure with MTV’s The Challenge. He made it midway through the competition during its 37th season and is now participating in the current season, season 39. 


The Challenge sees returning players, reality TV stars, pop culture celebrities and accomplished athletes compete in a series of grueling challenges, whether singular or as a team. Each week they fight for immunity, voting rights and supremacy and, after more than a dozen eliminations, only one (or sometimes two) players are left standing. The prize money for the winner/s during season 39 is peaked at $500,000. 

As mentioned above, Hughie is currently competing on the new season. 

When not on reality TV, Hughie appears to enjoy traveling, hosting events, partying and making random talk show and podcast appearances. He also has an OnlyFans account priced at $19.99 a month. 

Do you think Mr. Maughan has what it takes to win the new season of MTV’s The Challenge? Watch Wednesday’s at 8:00PM to find out! 






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