Party-Goers Were Fined $135 Euros For ‘Breaking Curfew’

French police arrived at a warehouse to find a late-night orgy in full swing
(stock image: Maurício Mascaro from Pexels)

French police were called last Friday after neighbors complained about noise that seemed to come from a late night party.

Around 9 pm, the officers arrived at a warehouse in Collegien, around 20 miles from the centre of Paris. They found about 11 people hanging out in the car park.


At 11 pm, after gaining legal entry into the warehouse, police officers discovered a rave/orgy with 81 participants complete with sound and lighting equipment.

The Independent reports the participants were each fined 135 Euros ($161 US) for being in breach of the current coronavirus curfew in effect. France currently restricts outside movement from 6 pm to 6 am.

Police reports also indicated there were “problems with masks and social distancing” as well. Some party-goers were also detained for questioning.

This is just the latest example of folks growing fatigued of COVID lockdown rules as the pandemic enters its second year.


Last December, Belgian police were called to a house party near a COVID clinic where a 52-person orgy was in full swing.

Anti-LGBTQ Hungarian lawmaker Jozsef Szajer was among those arrested and quickly resigned from his position.

While health concerns during a pandemic are definitely a serious issue, folks on the Twitterverse tried to find some humor in the moment.









Jokes aside, we encourage everyone to please follow recommended guidance from health officials including wearing a face mask in public, washing your hands a lot, and practice social distancing during the pandemic.

(source: The Independent)

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