Patrick Starrr Gave Kandy Muse’s ‘Snatch Game’ Tens Across The Board

On every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the Snatch Game challenge remains one of the most eagerly anticipated. Whether it’s truly transformative impersonations  like Jinkx Monsoon recreating Little Edie Beale during Season 5 or massively a miss (Trinity K. Bonet’s portrayal of Nicki Minaj during Season 5 comes to mind) one thing is certain; it almost always proves to be a game changer.

This season, the remaining queens inhabited everything from historical characters (Symone’s culturally on-point Harriet Tubman) to pop culture icons (Tina Burner as an endlessly elastic Richard Simmons) to Kandy Muse’s portrayal of makeup maven and social media sensation Patrick Starrr. Whether it was the vibrant turban being perfectly coordinated with her nails or the ultra extended lashes (and attitude) Muse brought Starrr to a brand new audience with this impression (and was safe to slay another day by the end of the episode)! 


The ONE/SIZE Beauty founder has collaborated with everyone from Naomi Campbell to Jessica Alba, and has been a Key Artist Collaborator with MAC Cosmetics (resulting in the largest ever male-fronted collaboration for the brands tying with Rihanna for MAC’s largest collaboration ever.) Patrick Starrr actually caught Kandy Muse’s Snatch Game appearance, and posted a real-time reaction on Instagram (below). Starr released a statement saying “I’m gagging, I can’t believe RuPaul said, ‘one/size fits all.’ Kandy nailed the look and the turban didn’t fall! 🙌🏾 Kandy and I are filming a collab video ASAP!” 

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