Patty Pam-Pam Talks Her “Drag Race Holland” Experience & Modifying Her Brand As The World Has Changed

Between speaking three different languages, having a home studio, and even having an audience with the Dutch Prime Minister, Patty Pam-Pam came into Drag Race Holland seasoned and ready to compete. While she did sashay away early in the season, this Amsterdam doll is evolving with the times and taking her own brand to new heights. I caught up with Pam-Pam to chat about her Drag Race Holland experience & what she is looking forward to the most when she heads back out to perform for the masses. 


Michael Cook: You are part of the inaugural cast of Drag Race Holland. What does it feel like?

Patty Pam-Pam: So crazy! I have been waiting for this for a very long time and it has finally happened. It was a very challenging and rewarding experience, that much I can tell you.

MC: We have gotten a peek at the scene in both Canada and the U.K. as far as drag goes, but for many, this is the first time they are seeing drag in Amsterdam. What is the scene like?

PPP: I don’t know if it is that different really. I think we all watch RuPaul’s Drag Race and all of us got the inspiration from those queens in a way. Maybe the only difference is that the United States queens get tipped while performing. Here, we only have coins to you don’t want a bunch of coins flying at your head (laughs).


When I went to New York, I also discovered that a lot of queens did not like that I showed up in drag. Maybe they thought I was coming for their job? I don’t know, but they definitely did not like it.

MC: You have the distinction of speaking three different languages, having your own studio at home, and are the oldest cast member on the season. Do you feel that any of these factors work in your favor?


PPP: I am the oldest one, but I am not the queen who has done drag the longest. Megan (Schoonbrood) has been performing around sixteen years, and I have only been performing for seven years. At that point, she has more to pull from in terms of years, but I have more talent (laughs). I think that there was definitely more that I was prepared to show you, but I did not get a chance to show you all of it.

MC: Your drag mother is Lady Galore, who is also Miss Abby OMG”s drag mother. It was truly a family affair!


PPP: You know, that is a very funny story. Lady Galore pretends that she is my drag mother and I never actually accepted her as my drag mother; she is basically my step drag mother, which makes Abby my step sister. Lady Galore taught me a lot, but I was already queening around when I met her (laughs)!

MC: What do you think you learned the most from the entire Drag Race Holland experience?


PPP: First of all, I challenge myself during the preparation. I made all of my costumes myself and I designed things that I never thought I could have made, but I did it. That is something that I learned. During the filming, I think I knew myself as a quiet person, and the thing that I learned the most is that I should have been louder. I should have changed my personality a bit and I might have gone a bit further in the competition.

MC: Now that you have this platform and ability to reach to many people, what is next for you?

PPP: I am really looking forward to performing again! We have not performed a lot with the pandemic situation, and now with Drag Race Holland airing, there is a lot of attention on us and we are getting bookings. There are a lot of things happening. I love to perform; that is what I am going to do and hopefully the world will start to visit Amsterdam and come see my shows!


MC: What do you think you have learned the most since quarantine and how have you stayed creative?

PPP: Creativity is a very important thing not just in my life, but in my drag as well. I started creating lots of other things, like face masks. I had to recreate my business again and change it up. It is hard, but I am so happy that I did it and that I am going to be performing again.

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