Peloton’s Cody Rigsby Joins ‘Dancing With The Stars’ For Season 30

He’s about to show the dance floor how not to be average, but savage; The cast of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars is about to get a dose of that quintessential Peloton magic; massively popular instructor Cody Rigsby is making history, hitting the dance floor as part of the Season 30 cast.

When it was announced that the much ballyhooed “boo” who inspires millions to “fix your wig, get your life together” weekly was joining the cast, some of his Peloton colleagues & famed friends immediately offered their congrats. Fellow instructor Matty Maggiacomo said “Cant wait to have the viewing parties; Slay SIS Slay” while Million Dollar Listing New York cast member Tyler Whitman said “What?!?! YES HUNNY! Also… this is my dream job.”. Fellow Peloton instructor Jess Sims checked in saying “I WILL NEVER MISS AN EPISODE AND WILL SPEND EVERY WAKING MOMENT VOTING!!!!! Love you!!!!!!”

Cody appeared on Good Morning America this morning and told co-hosts Lara Spencer and Robin Roberts that after being a background dancer for Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, “she is used to busting a move”. While Dancing With The Stars is “a lot different. I usually do a lot of booty shaking and body rolls”!  Workout wise, he admitted he is using “muscles he hasn’t used in a while, but he has built up the endurance during his cycling classes on Peloton, so I’m ready”! 

This season’s cast includes two openly LGBT cast members (Rigby and social media sensation JoJo Siwa). Additionally, fan favorites of the LGBT community like Real Housewives of Atlanta twirler Kenya Moore and dancehall diva (and Spice Girl) Melanie C, Broadway stunner (and The Talk co-host) Amanda Kloots, and Bling Empire boss Christine Chiu are all poised to take to the ballroom stage this season. 

Cody’s Instagram feed is a hybrid of Peloton love, sensational candids with family & friends, and good old fashioned thirst traps. Check out some of Rigsby’s best shots…

Cody Rigsby’s Poloton Spotify playlist is a hybrid of anthems (Sia’s ‘Alive’), remixes (Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ and of course, plentiful Ms. Spears (Britney’s Bad Royale remix of ‘Slumber Party” is included). Check out Cody Rigsby on Spotify


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  1. Why are they promoting this gay trainwreck??? Plus, Peloton kills children and makes husband’s threaten to cheat on their wives. Booooo.

  2. He is such a narcissist its painful. He will get voted off quick. He is an absolute nobody. A homeless person off of the streets of L.A. would be more interesting than this bloody car wreck. Lol


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