Philadelphia’s Brittany Lynn Goes From The Stage To The Big Screen

She’s hosted countless Philadelphia Pride events, helped redefine the legendary Mummers Parade on New Year’s Day, and served cocktails (and lewks) all over the City of Brotherly Love; suffice to say, there is not too much that Brittany Lynn has not done. Now, the performer (who once received a citation from the City of Philadelphia to mark March 15, 2013 as ‘Brittany Lynn Day’) can now add “big screen movie” to her list of bucket list moments. Morrison has a starring role in the upcoming big-screen release of the short film Parrot (from Red Flight Pictures). 


Filmed at Fumo Family Library, Morrison (already known for her prolific and popular Drag Queen Story Hour events all over Philadelphia) stars opposite Wesley Holloway (who himself has starred with stars like Mayim Bialik). The official synopsis of the film states “A drag queen protects a child during a crisis as prejudices reach a breaking point.” The trailer shows Morrison sitting on the floor of the library opposite Holloway, while someone ominously approaches them both with what looks to be an automatic rifle. (The bigoted opposition to Drag Queen Story Hours nationwide also looks to be represented in the film based on the trailer for the film directed by Kyle B. Thompson). 


Brittany Lynn exclusively shared with me that “when Red Flight Pictures reached out to me, as Brittany, to find queens to audition. I said THIS IS MY ROLE. I didn’t tell them why until after my call back audition. Then they understood how this part came so easy to me. I needed to do this film.”

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