Photographer Says #LoveIsLove Over An Anti-Gay Voicemail

Photo by Andre Furtado on Unsplash

Faced with hate for sharing gay love? Just embrace the concept of “love is love” even more, says one photographer.

Recently, Kentucky-based photographer Lacy Hilliard ran an ad for her photography business in her local magazine. Included in the ad for Wandering Elm Photography was a photo of a same-sex couple. This was one among many images in the magazine catering to Somerset, Kentucky residents. But according to DIY Photography, the single same-sex photo didn’t go over well with one of the town’s people.

According to a Facebook video posted by Lacy, the photographer received a hateful voicemail condemning her for the advertisement. The anonymous woman was angered by the sight of same-sex love. The caller said that Lacy’s ad was “ungodly” and “disgusting.” “You really need to rethink your values and rethink where you are advertising this. This is Kentucky,” the caller stated.

My Kentucky is INCLUSIVE

Something happened yesterday afternoon that has left me grappling all weekend. I knew it was an important moment and one that I had to share but I wanted to be sure I did so with careful consideration. I consulted the subjects in the images and friends. I soul-searched and I spent countless hours pondering whether or not I’m the right person to convey this message. My friends expressed the same fears and concerns sharing this with the world may bring. But the one thing we all agreed on? This message found me for a reason. After you watch this video, you may find yourself wondering who the caller is. The answer is, “I don’t know and it doesn’t matter.” Because the mentality highlighted here is just a branch of a larger problem. Not the root.#LoveWins #SameLove #LoveisLove

Posted by Wandering Elm Photography on Sunday, February 9, 2020

Speaking to Lex18, Lacy says she wanted to be inclusive in her Valentine’s Day-themed ad.

“All people are welcomed at my studio regardless of race, color, sexual orientation any of that,” she explained.

Thankfully, Lacy Hilliard wasn’t the only one supportive of same-sex love. One of the models in the photo expressed to LEX 18 her joy at seeing massive support or Lacy, the models, and gay people in the comments of Lacy’s Facebook post.

“I think your values are completely in the right place,” wrote one Facebook commenter. “As a guy who has struggled to get relationships right his whole life, I can’t imagine feeling this way about two people who HAVE gotten it right, regardless of sexuality.”

“Thank you for sharing this,” wrote another. “Those images are lovely, the couple is lovely. I heart breaks when couples are scared and secretive to ask me if I photograph couples in the LGBTQ+ community… I will never understand how other people can be ok with hurting others.”

Sources: DIY Photography, Lex18

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