Pod Save The Queen-Logan Hardcore Spills The Hardcore HonesTea

It’s not overly difficult to find a drag queen behind the mic for a podcast nowadays. From Drag Race recaps to social issues, drag queens have embraced the medium of podcasting and are building a fanbase behind a new kind of mic while we are not able to see them perform live. Logan Hardcore has never been short on opinions, but they used to be reserved for her time behind the mic at the legendary Stonewall or on Fire Island. As she embraces sobriety, Hardcore is also embracing a career pivot, as the kicks off her latest venture, her Hardcore HonesTea podcast. Continuing Instinct’s ongoing Pod Save The Queen series, Logan sat down with me to chat about why decided to launch a podcast, her unwavering & unflappable opinions, and how sobriety is helping her “feel better than I ever have.”


Michael Cook: What made you want to launch a podcast now? You are definitely never short on opinions…

Logan Hardcore: I love to talk. I love to voice my opinion. I enjoy a conversation. I also love podcasts. I have wanted to do one for a very long time. I was going to start one reviewing RuPaul’s Drag Race and then William and Alaska came out with theirs so I was like, “yeah no”. I just think its a great medium for me to use my voice. People know that they are going to get the raw unedited unfiltered truth from me. So to be able to have a place to release that and not have to type it out is great for me. I also love to try new things and expand my horizons. I am definitely taking a step back from Logan Hardcore and focusing a bit more on Logan Slaughter. I am the same person, but this absolutely gives me a way to be entertaining without drag.


MC: Your first episode involved discussion on the notorious Puerto Vallarta parties that occurred at the end of 2020. Why do you feel so strongly on this? You even name names and are totally unapologetic.

LH: I think its really wild. I say this, if people have the balls to do dumb shit like this currently, then they cant bitch when their names are called out. Especially Shangela; She sells hand sanitizer and masks. It’s self- serving and it feels quite honestly gross. It feels like she will take take take, but then do whatever she wants to and that did not sit well with me one bit. I don’t care what these people think about me either. I’m not the one out doing irresponsible stuff. If any of these people want to come on my podcast and have an honest conversation, I’d welcome it; but I will not hold back or silence my opinion because of someone’s looks or “fame”.


MC: It’s exhausting to see so many performers, public figures and DJ’s participating in this; what do you think the reasoning is behind it is?

LH: I think they are self indulgent egomaniacs who don’t care about anyone but themselves. I hate to say it, but drag queens and DJ’s are not essential workers. You know what alot of us have done during this time?-find other ways to make money. It just seems selfish and self serving and to be honest, it’s shown alot of people’s true colors. I think that people are opportunistic and also feel a sense of invincibility like they can get away with things or bend the rules.


MC: Most people seem to rally behind you, but there has been backlash; what has that been like?

LH: I dont mind the backlash; It’s warranted. I am being very vocal and putting people’s business on the streets. But I’ll say this, you wouldn’t have to fight me if you weren’t doing anything wrong. If you are in defense of the repercussions of your actions brought, you know somewhere that your actions were wrong.

MC: Sobriety is now something you are embracing; tell me about that journey and what has brought you to this space now?

LH: I mean…pandemic. I think everyone began to drink a little heavier. I am a very aware person. I reflect frequently on my actions and how they may have made others feel. I have been drinking very heavy since i was seventeen years old. There was a period of five years where I was going out and partying every day and night. I knew that it was getting out of hand. I knew sometime I would seek recovery. I just didn’t know when and I did not want to do it until I was ready; I do not like failure. When I do something, I go 100 mph and attempt to do my damn best at it and here eighty eight days later, I feel better than I ever have.


MC: Is there a tipping point that caused you to get sober during the pandemic or was it a slow burn of sorts? Any advice for people struggling on their own?

LH: My rock bottom is a story that will be told in time and trust me me- it’s a doozy. There’s alot of moving pieces currently, so I’ll just say this; I’ve worked my ass off in my personal and work life, and I will not let anything take the amazing gifts I have been given. I have an amazing husband, a beautiful home, a career, a home organizing business and drag; it’s not worth losing all of that for partying. For anyone struggling, its just step by step. Zoom has saved me. I can go to meetings any time of the day or night; it’s great. I say just do some research and reach out to someone if you know someone in recovery. If not, just hit up a meeting. It’s scary, but I’ve never felt like I belonged more in my life.


MC: Have you always been a person with strong perspectives and little filter?

LH: I have always had my opinons that are very strong. I grew up in a place where i felt silenced because i was different and when I moved away from there, everything just came flying out. I also find it very important as someone with some sort of a platform to use my voice and be 100% me.


MC: What are you looking forward to the most when we are able to re-emerge and socialize with a bit of normalcy?

LH: I am looking forward to going to dinner with friends and just being able to see each other and laugh. To sit at a table with people you love and break bread is something so special to me. To just be able to look into my friends and families eyes instead of a Zoom screen and be like, “can you fucking believe that we just lived through this?!”

MC: What is a quote that you live your life by?

LH: “I am…”

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