Police Forced To Perform Welfare Check On Aaron Carter

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Don’t Worry, He’s Apparently Completely Fine If You’re Following Him On Social Media

Ahh, what a zany few years it’s been for former child star, Aaron Carter. Carter has been a hot topic in the gay community for having a sloppy 2018. After being arrested for driving under the influence and possibly being on drugs, Carter decided to come out as bisexual. He was then set on a pedestal for some reason by the gay community, even though he kind of did the whole Kevin Spacey I’m-Gay-Sorry-I-Allegedly-Assaulted-Men-My-Whole-Life-Forgive-Me-For-Being-Closeted thing.  I was immediately a critic of his, and honestly didn’t believe him, which certainly didn’t clog my inbox with hate mail (Sarcasm). Surely enough, Carter took back his statements and said he isn’t really bisexual… it’s obvious he was just trying to shake the media attention from bad to… gay? Since then, Carter has performed at gay bars, festivals like Chicago Market Days, spoke about his experiences with Michael Jackson, and has been dating a woman, Lina Valentina. I’ve actually spotted them at a popular nightclub in West Hollywood, Delilah, together and was incredibly happy he couldn’t have picked me out of a lineup. Well, Carter is in the news once again.

According to TMZ, police officers responded to a welfare check on Carter at his home in California for allegedly being notified Carter was going to take his own life or hurt someone else. It turns out everything was fine and dandy. Allegedly, he broke up with his girlfriend, Valentina, and she’s pretty pissed after being kicked out of his home… conveniently on Wednesday and is now threatening legal action against her. Perhaps now he’ll start swiping right on male Tindr matches?! Yeah… probably not.

It doesn’t appear that Carter is worried about the latest news. I mean, we all do know he loves attention. He’s been more active on Instagram lately, especially posting that he had a “very interesting day” following his run-in with the police.


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