Aaron Carter Plans on Talking About His Experiences with Michael Jackson

Credit: Aaron Carter Instagram

Aaron Carter revealed that he plans on talking about his “experience” with late pop singer Michael Jackson after staunchly denying that anything happened between them in their encounters back in the day.

The 31-year-old chatted with TMZ at LAX on Thursday, April 11. He was asked about his thoughts surrounding the documentary Leaving Neverland possibly being removed from HBO. The film, which was broadcast in two different parts last month, featured Wade Robson and James Safechuck’s discussing their multiple allegations of abuse by Michael that they endured at a young age.

Aaron flipped the switch on the question and said he plans on talking about what allegedly went down between him and Michael at some point. He remained mum after being asked if there was abuse involved with the “Bad” singer and him but also mentioned that his family knows the truth about MJ.

He sang a much different tune on TMZ Live last month where he said that absolutely nothing happened between him and Michael years ago.

Aaron has a history with being flip-floppy on his views. He outed himself as bisexual in August of 2017 only to revert back on that one year later.

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