Police Raided JoJo Siwa’s Home?

Image via YouTube @TRQFFIC

What a strange and intense week JoJo Siwa’s been having.

YouTuber and Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa’s home was raided by police.


“Our house got ‘swatted,'” Siwa said in a livestream on the Instagram account of friend and videographer Nate Javier.

Javier then called Siwa his “gay best friend” and encouraged her to retell the events at her house.

“Basically what happened is we were at our house and there were a bunch of police to get out of the house,” Siwa explained.


Apparently, someone wanted to see JoJo Siwa in the intense situation after she came out last week. According to her, someone called the local police with a fake report. Whatever was said must have appeared as a serious threat, because around 50 officers arrived at her house demanding that she and her family vacate the building. The moment was so quick that Siwa ended up walking outside without any shoes. But, Javier, Siwa, and the police weren’t the only ones outside the home.

“Basically we went outside hands up because we obviously have to follow the rules and do what you’re supposed to do,” she explained. “And then the police were saying that somebody had called and made a claim and then all of a sudden paparazzi came from around the corner.”


Last week, Siwa came out as queer. After sharing videos on TikTok that got fans questioning her sexuality, Siwa appeared on Twitter with a shirt reading “Best. Gay. Cousin.” Despite that, Siwa later clarified that she hasn’t officially labeled herself as anything because she simply doesn’t know yet.

“I think because I recently told the internet how happy I was, and told the internet that I am whatever I am … the only reason I’m not saying what I am is because I don’t know what I am but I know that I’m really happy and that’s all that matters,” she reasoned.

JoJo Siwa then added, “But since I recently ‘came out to the internet’ is officially the term, the media is obviously very excited which I love and I love the support however, you know, you could have just hung outside my house and I would have eventually come outside.”

Now that the moment has passed, JoJo Siwa says it was “really scary” and she was afraid of “someone in the house that [she] didn’t know about.” She is now considering making a YouTube video of her experience in the moment. She would do so using videos she and Javier recorded and the home surveillance footage.

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