Polish Police Protected Pride Parade, Permitting Partiers Passage Past Protesters


In Lublin, Poland, police brought out, riot gear, tear gas, as well as a water cannon, but it wasn't to suppress Pride Parade goers, but instead these suppressant tools were used against right-wing extremists that were adamant in trying to block an LGBTQ celebration.

The first parade of its kind in Lublin brought out more than 1,000 celebrants this past Saturday. Just shy of 1/3 of that number were found to be present but on the opposing side of the celebration. Safety in numbers?  Well, when you have the support of the police to push aside the 300 right-wing opponents that were blocking the Pride march, you continue to march as tear gas, concussion grenades, and a water cannon pushed the protestors aside.


Mayor Krzysztof Zuk had cited security concerns and banned the parade, but the Lublin’s Court of Appeals overturned that ban on Friday. Seems he was right to believe there would be security concerns, but the marchers was protected by the police and we thank them for that. 

Pride parades in Poland's capital city of Warsaw have been going on for 17 years, but this was the first time one occurred in Lublin, Warsaw, roughly 112 miles southeast of Warsaw and about 60 miles from the Ukrainian border.

h/t: ETvB English

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