Popular WeHo Bar, Micky’s, Has Been Shut Down

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Vermin Have Invaded Micky’s In West Hollywood And No, It’s Not The Clientele!

I’m a proud, West Hollywood, California resident. WeHo, as “we” call it, is arguably the gayest neighborhood in our large city, an area home to a plethora of LGBTQ owned businesses, citizens, and of course, a playground of many gay bars.


Even though we may have an endless amount of recreational options in the neighborhood and some great watering holes, I believe for many us, our preferred and most popular nightclub is Micky’s. Micky’s hosts RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres, drag shows, go-go boys, has a more youthful crowd, and always promises a great time. It’s one of the few bars that still provides exciting and enjoyable entertainment time and time again, regardless of what you’re really looking for. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad experience there, aside for the fact that my name is Mickey – and I’m often given a hard time when I’m trying to introduce myself there. “It’s like the mouse, not the bar!” But uhh, it turns out that I perhaps should change up my introductory pitch to “like the mouse IN Micky’s!” Let me tell you more.

According to WeHo Times, Micky’s has been affected by vermin… and we’re not talking about the clientele! Vermin, as described by Google, is a wild animal believed to be harmful to crops or that carry disease. Let’s be real, we all know that this is an obvious rat infestation. Especially since Tender Greens, a popular restaurant just down the street, was also shut down a week ago for a vermin infestation.


Micky’s was shut down previously for lewd conduct in 2015, but reopened and business has been booming since. This time though, it seems as if the nightclub was also taken by surprise. Yesterday, Micky’s Instagram post promoted their Tuesday night event, Vault– replaying music from the ‘90s. There is currently no update or word from Micky’s on their vermin infestation… so like, when are we going to be able to get back to the dance floor – if ever?!

Was this possibly some sabotage from Lisa Vanderpump and her PUMP corporation who want to be the best bar on the strip?! Only time will tell. But, let’s hope this infestation doesn’t prevent another gay business being booted from the gentrified, corporate shift WeHo is currently experiencing.

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