Pride Comes In Many Colors And Music Genres

Earlier this week we shared Instinct Staff Choose Their Favorite Pride Anthems. What Are Yours? Some of the songs were centered around Pride while others were just songs that gave us pride without being dipped in rainbows, unicorns, and glitter. 


Monthly, weekly, daily, songs are created with LGBTQ+ content by our queer community artists.  We cannot highlight them all, but what we like to do is to highlight the variety of artists within our own community. There are so many entries for this month, some sexy, some about love lost, lives lost, and some just by great LGBTQ+ artists. Too many to get to, but for now, enjoy these selections for this week.

5 – Onsen: ‘Momma Said’

I have interviewed him before, (Onsen, This One’s A Keeper) with his great visuals and artistic vision. But this song, is very timely as it was written in response to the Pulse Orlando tragedy. 

Written in the form of a Greek Tragedy, the song follows the tale of a young individual that identifies as gay, who faces rejection at home and finds his own identity in the outside world. “Momma Said” was originally written after the horrific shooting that took place at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, and has evolved in the five years since.

“I wrote ‘Momma Said’ as a kind of delayed reaction to the many acts of violence against queer people that have occurred throughout my life. Over time, these stories along with those of people I know crystallized into a narrative that feels almost like a Greek tragedy. I imagine a gay kid being kicked out of his home and running away to the city. The first verse is more or less in his mother’s voice telling him to leave. The second is his downfall in a place he finally feels safe. The Chorus is just that: a Greek choir singing for our runaway as he begs to be recognized for who he is. Momma Said is the most outwardly focused track on the album and you can sense the world creeping in sonically.” –


4: The Dobermen: ‘Triggered’

A clash of two Queercore bands, Pansy Division and GAYC/DC, The Dobermen pulled the vocalist from The Streetwalking Cheetas to give us a song “Triggered” that just seems to hit the spot and give the haters something to do with their fingers. We will be interviewing them coming up in the next week or so.

“Triggered” is just what the Doctored during the crazy times we live in, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way after you take it around the block for a spin.  This track is catchy, in your face, and unapologetically RAW.  Why can’t all new music take a page from The Doberman’s playbook and release music with true heart and soul?  –


3: Dodie: ‘I kissed someone, (It Wasn’t You)’

There is nothing about Dodie to hide the fact that she is gay, and wants everyone to know it, and be comfortable in their own skin being around her. 

“‘I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You)’ is set in the aftermath of a newly-single person’s messy night out,” explains dodie. “It’s the feeling of trying to patch over a broken, lonely heart by indulging in a revenge fantasy of promiscuity – sadly only resulting in feeling lost, lonelier and shameful. I wrote the song to take place in a drunken, dark mindset – teetering on the edge of sinking deep into the bad thoughts that alcohol can amplify, before snapping back in the verses to a slightly more grounded, but still sad, place.” –


2: St. Panther: ‘Real Love Takes Time’

St. Panther put this one out to celebrate Pride month, talking about “Real Love” whoever you fall for, might take a while.  We will have to follow up with St Panther and their original Amazon Original some time soon!


1: Todrick Hall: ‘Rainin’ Fellas’

Todrick has stirred up his music and dancing creativity once again and gives us some great summer songs for 2021.  We covered his new album in a recent post (Todrick Hall Drops New Album ‘Femuline)” and shared his ‘Rainin’ Fellas’, a nod back to ‘It’s Raining Men’ but just done by gay men, you know, with more men, more skin, and more gay. Just sit back and enjoy the visuals. After ‘Rainin’ Fellas’ , we’ll also include a bonus track on this list, another one Todrick just released, too, ‘Boys In The Ocean’. Both are great new tracks, one to dance to and one to chill to.  Enjoy.



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