Primate Confused by Hottie’s Chest Anatomy

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Finally, a monkey related post without vaccines and gay hysteria! 

Nude and sex meme account XBoyRey recently shared a video of an unidentified hottie visiting a zoo when he experienced a completely bizarre encounter with a monkey. This is how conspiracy rumors start, yal!


The shirtless hottie removed his attire before the video starts, probably due to the heat but also definitely to show off how ripped he is. His chiseled body and powerful pecs ended up catching the attention of a tiny monkey who was quick to explore the gym-rat’s monkey-maker.

Catch the awkward encounter below but be warned. If you follow the link back to Twitter to view in-source, it’s a lot of porn and not safe for work!

Crikey! The Youngest Irwin is All Grown Up! • Instinct Magazine


It stands to reason that the little monkey was perplexed by human anatomy, and possibly confused the bodybuilders pecs for mammary glands for feeding.

If I was the monkey, though, I would have asked for a handful of something much bigger. 

What do you think of the viral video? Would you have shared the “funny” if not somewhat sexual encounter? Comment your thoughts and let me know!

Source: Cocktails and Cocktalk 

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