‘Proud’ Gay Man Wishes Death on Drag Queens & Transgender People

An Ontario based man, who calls himself "gay and proud", is under a ton of scrutiny and outrage over an truly alarming Facebook post that he made earlier this week.


Chris Sargent, who claims to be a volunteer at a local performing arts center where he lives, blatantly wrote that he wants people who identify as transgender and anyone who does drag for a living to "kill themselves." 

"I am gay and proud," he starts off. "I am not a fan of transgender nor drag queens it's complete and utter bulls**t. So yes I will voice my opinion on the subject from here on out. If you have a problem with it well to bad for you."

The post got much worse from there. "There is no need for it in this world both are just gross disgusting lifestyles to live. All people living them can go f***ing kill themselves and better yet be put in concentration camps and killed off that way."

Several members of the community have viciously gone after him since he made the post, with many calling the individual names like a "piece of s**t." Others found a photo of him where he dressed up in drag and used that as a way to say he was a huge hypocrite.


It got uglier from there, as infighting started to occur on his own Facebook page where people were insulting his weight outside of what he said. Some also contacted his several alleged places of work  to let them know what he had written (with screenshots). One particular guy summed it all up with this: "It’s LGBT. You’re either all in or you’re nothing."

His Facebook page still remains active to this day and he has not responded to any of several comments left for him. 


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