Purrrfectly Amazing: The “Cats” Trailer Has Arrived

The old adage says that puppies are never a good idea to be under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, but no one has ever said anything about…Cats?


This Christmas, the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber created and composed musical (originally based on T.S. Elliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats) gets the long-anticipated big screen treatment, complete with some of our favorite stars morphing into feline persuasions of various forms. 

The trailer, released today, reveals a fantastical feline fantasy world filled with cats of all shapes, sizes and persuasions. Idris Elba’s “Macavity” is dark and brooding, while characters like “Gus the Theatre Cat” (Ian McKellan) and “Old Deuteronomy” (Judi Dench) look masterful as cats full of wisdom. Comic relief looks sure to be delivered double time with James Corden and Rebel Wilson playing “Bustopher Jones” & “Jennyanydots” respectively.

Much of the attention in the trailer and in the press leading up to the film has been reserved for two of the biggest names to sign on to the project. Taylor Swift plays the catnip-sprinkling ”Bombalurina, while Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson is sure to deliver a beyond powerful (and sure to be multi-nominated) performance as “Grizabella” (who will also be performing the powerful Broadway anthem “Memory”). 


Based on the sneak peek of her rendition during the trailer, I would say it is safe to suggest that Hudson start looking for awards season dresses now….

Cats prowls into theaters on Christmas Day 2019

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