‘Queer Eye’ Participant Gets Engaged!

If you haven't seen the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye, you are really missing out. The show balances humor, compassion, and relevant topics in each episode, while also teaching us a thing or two about grooming. 

In the show's fourth episode, we meet AJ, an Atlanta resident who is struggling with his sexuality. His biggest regret was not coming out to his late father, and his hope now is to come out to his step-mother before it's too late. 

Spoiler Alert: By the end of the episode, AJ comes out to his step-mother in an emotional letter and later introduces her to his partner. (Also, I ugly cried during most of this scene, but that's not important.)

This week, the show's official Twitter account announced that AJ has gotten engaged!

“We’ve got some news that will make your week! AJ and Drey got engaged. Our gay hearts are exploding,” the Queer Eye tweet read.



The announcement was shared along with a clip of AJ coming out to his stepmom, as well as some photos of him and his now fiancé, Andre.

Both Tan France, the fashion expert, and Antoni Porowski, the show's culinary master, sent words of congratulations, with Tan saying, “Yay, what wonderful news!!!” And Antoni writing, “Couldn’t be happier about this news congrats, boys!!”

We love a happy ending!

Queer Eye is now streaming on Netflix

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