‘Queer Eye’ Season 6 Premieres December 31st On Netflix

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THEY’RE BACK!!!!!!! Our favorite five guys are back, back, back again with the new season of their more-than-just-a-makeover-show Queer Eye. Season six promises to be bigger, better, and super-sized with more episodes than the previous five seasons. People magazine reported that, 

“This time around, hosts Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk and Karamo Brown are heading to Texas. The new season of Queer Eye is being teased with a promotional video featuring a country-influenced version of Simone Denny’s “All Things (Just Keep Getting Better).” The new iteration is sung by The Voice alum Meghan Linsey and her fiancé, Tyler Cain.”


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Previous seasons of Queer Eye have taken place in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Kansas City. Showrunner Jennifer Lane spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the cast and crew heading to Austin for the new season, 


“Queer Eye loves to celebrate great American cities and Austin fits this criteria in a big way. Texas and Austin are rich culturally and have many diverse, relatable, complex layers. Austin and its surrounding communities are home to a wealth of our favorite kinds of stories — ones that are not often told. And, to top it off, it’s fun to see The Fab 5 in cowboy boots!”

Filming for the season began way back in early 2020 but, as everything, production was shut down due to the Covid pandemic. Bobby Berk, design expert extraordinaire on the show, also spoke to Entertainment Weekly, touching upon how the break affected him and the rest of the guys, 


“It also just made us realize the value of the connections that we had, and the good that our show does, and the effect that it has on people’s lives and the value of hugging and those human connections that we had lost over the year. I think the pandemic has had that effect on a lot of people — it’s reconnected us with what’s really important in the world: the people in our lives and the good that we can go out there and do.”

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Queer Eye season six premieres on Netflix on December 31st, just in time to ring in the new year! 








Sources: People, Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Excited for this, throughout the seasons I’ve really enjoyed when the fab 5 have gay guys as their subject, I’ve cried at so many episodes.


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