Queer Gen Z Icon Dove Cameron Isn’t Making Music For Straight Dudes

photo via Instagram, @dovecameron

Schimagdoon star Dove Cameron has quickly established herself as a force in the LGBTQ community. The 27-year-old is already an Emmy award-winning actress and a VMA award-winning Best New Artist. The Liv and Maddie star came out as bisexual in 2021 but recently explained that the best word to identify her is queer.

Last year Instinct covered the release of her pop banger Boyfriend where she examined past relationships and decided,


“I could be a better boyfriend than him. I could do the shit that he never did. Up all night, I won’t quit. Thinking I’m gonna steal you from him. I could be such a gentleman. Plus all my clothes would fit.”


The Descendants actress recently spoke to People magazine in an interview covering everything from when we can expect an album to who exactly her music is for.  Cameron spoke about making the leap from small venue to a full fledged tour,

“Before this year, I had been mostly playing 250-seat venues. It was a crazy jump. I really learned a lot. Going forward, I’m planning on touring in the fall, but I literally just need to get more music out there. I don’t want half of the set to be covers.”

Cameron just released her latest single collaborating with Khalid on the power ballad We Go Down Together. Discussing the meaning behind the song the Girl Like Me singer explained, “It’s about this absolute and utter devotion to each other, but within that there’s so much heartache. The deeper you love, the deeper you feel the loss of that love. You can almost feel the sands of time falling through your fingers as you’re in a relationship because inevitably one day it will end.”


The Breakfast singer is currently trending today for her stance on who her music is for as she announced, 

“You don’t have to be a part of the queer community to come and enjoy my music. It’s my aspiration to make music that everybody can enjoy — except for straight men.”



Cameron has recently come into her own feeling more comfortable in her skin and on stage and thanks the queer community for that explaining, “I’m allowing myself to be more human on stage rather than having it be the place that I feel the least safe, and really all of that is down to the amount of support I’ve gotten from fans and other women in the queer community,” And finally on the subject of a first album happening anytime soon she says,

“It’ll be out this year, no questions asked. I’ve been promising that for way too f—ing long,”


Sources: People

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