R&B Singers Coko & Jayye Michael on His New Single & 2022 Summer Music

New music, industry feuds, summer bops — we cover it all in this conversation! I had the opportunity to go live with Jayye Michael to discuss his new single “Never Be”, and his legendary mom (Coko) was right by his side to lend support, but also to share her opinion on a plethora of topics.

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This isn’t Instinct’s first time catching up with the singing duo. I spoke with them earlier in the year just as Jayye was embarking on his solo music career. He’s got the look and he certainly has the voice — it’s possible that he can continue to help push LGBTQ+ music artists to the forefront of pop culture, joining the ranks of Lil Nas X and Saucy Santana.


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Jayye, who attends college in Las Vegas — is a dental student in training by day and a R&B heartthrob by night. The singer just released his first single “Never Be” earlier this summer and he also let us know that he’s working on his first EP, expected to drop early next year. Get into it!



During the fun Instagram live interview, we discuss this summers music. If anyone is qualified to give their opinion on music, it would have to be Coko — the lead singer of ‘90s R&B group SWV (who were just listed as one of the Top 12 girl groups of all time by Billboard), sold over 25 million records worldwide and is known for their 1992 global hit “Weak”.

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So check out the live interview below to see what Coko and Jayye Michael think of Saucy Santana’s summer bop “Booty” and Beyoncé’s (controversial) “Renaissance” and the drama surrounding the dance album.

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  1. I found out from Instinct that she had a gay son several months ago, just wanted to say I appreciate gay stories whether coming out or otherwise. It’s always nice to know we are everywhere.


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