Real Housewives of Orange County Star Braunwyn Windham Burke’s Son Is “Giving Drag A Try”

With seven kids, husband Sean, and a burgeoning reality career, inaugural Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke has her hands more than full and giving seven kids their own time can prove challenging. One recent Instagram post though, shows that Burke is, like Lady Gaga said, “on the right path, baby” in terms of letting her kids find their path; her son Jacob is “giving the world of drag a try”. 


Burke’s post is heartfelt, poignant, and simply loving. She speaks about a boy that has “never done things because others have” and she loves that about him. She also showcases that @steee_phen has been the one that has taken Jacob “under his wing” 

One person who may not understand this choice is castmaste, current “Friend of” and the “OG of the OC’ Vicki Gunvalson. During a visit to a drag bar in Key West, FL this past season, Vicki made her feelings on drag queens pretty clear by stating “I don’t understand it. Boys dress like girls and girls dress like boys. I don’t get it,” she said in her confessional before adding “Sorry, drags.”


Gunvalson and Burke had clear issues getting along this past season, and while the issue could have threads of All About Eve weaved throughout it (with Gunvalson losing her orange this year as a full-time cast member and Burke being brought on for her first season). Gunvalson seemed to have true issues with who Burke was in general, as they tangled at the reunion several weeks ago. 


Filming has just begun for the next season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and while no Housewives have been officially been confirmed as returning yet, all arrows (and several pictures with what look to be a camera crew) seem to point to Burke returning for her second season. What ladies will possibly be joining her remains up for debate at this time.

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