Record Number of LGBTQ+ Athletes at 2022 Olympics

If you’re tuning into the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics you’re likely to see a record-breaking number of LGBTQ+ identifying athletes. At least 35 out LGBTQ+ will double the number of athletes that competed in the 2018 Olympics, according to OutSports.


The athletes are spread out across nine different Olympic sports. 12 will compete in ice hockey, 10 in figure skating, and 10 others will compete across skating, ski, and snowboarding events. USA and Canada have the largest LGBTQ+ contingent with 6 and 10 athletes.


This year’s Winter Olympics follows in the footsteps of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, setting a record for the most publicly out LGBTQ+ athletes competing. At least 181 out athletes competed in the Tokyo Olympics, from over 30 different countries worldwide. At the Tokyo games LGBTQ+ athletes won 33 medals overall, 11 of which were gold.

Here is a list of Beijing Winter Olympic Games Out LGBTQ+ Athletes:


  • Megan Bankes (Canada)


  • Bruce Mouat (Great Britain)

Figure Skating

  • Filippo Ambrosini (Italy)
  • Kevin Aymoz (France)
  • Jason Brown (USA)
  • Guillaume Cizeron (France)
  • Lewis Gibson (Great Britain)
  • Amber Glenn (USA, reserve)
  • Timothy LeDuc (USA)
  • Paul Poirier (Canada)
  • Simon Proulx Sénécal (Armenia)
  • Eric Radford (Canada)

Ice Hockey

  • Brianne Jenner (Canada)
  • Erin Ambrose (Canada)
  • Ebba Berglund (Sweden)
  • Alex Carpenter (USA)
  • Emily Clark (Canada)
  • Mélodie Daoust (Canada)
  • Anna Kjellbin (Sweden)
  • Aneta Lédlová (Czech Republic)
  • Jamie Lee Rattray (Canada)
  • Jill Saulnier (Canada)
  • Ronja Savolainen (Finland)
  • Micah Zandee-Hart (Canada)


  • Andrew Blaser (USA)
  • Kim Meylemans (Belgium)
  • Nicole Silveira (Brazil)

Ski Jumping

  • Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (Austria)


  • Makayla Gerken Schofield (Great Britain)
  • Gus Kenworthy (Great Britain)
  • Sandra Naeslund (Sweden)


  • Belle Brockhoff (Australia)
  • Sarka Pancochova (Czech Republic)


  • Brittany Bowe (USA)
  • Ireen Wüst (Netherlands)


Source: OutSports


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