Remember When Betty White Released A Dance Anthem With Luciana?

From winning Emmy Awards to SAG Awards, Betty White was endlessly lauded by the industry that she helped pioneer; television. Her rapid-fire banter with Bea Arthur, Rue McLanahan and Estelle Getty on The Golden Girls is what helped make her the LGBTQ icon that she was until her death last week at the age of 99. What many people don’t realize though, is that it was her work with British singer Luciana and remixer and producer extraordinaire Dave Audé that helped make her dance floor legend also.


Originally released by British singer Luciana, the single “I’m Still Hot” was released in April 2011, produced by the legendary Dave Audé. “(the infectious track peaked at No. 1 on both the U.S. Hot Dance Club Songs and Hot Dance Airplay charts at the time). The Lifeline Program released a second version of the song, snagging Betty White to duet with Luciana and to film a camp-tastic music video. Lifeline released the second version as part of its social media campaign to build awareness about life settlements, and a portion of the proceeds of the sales went on to benefit the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. In the video, White is seen reigning over a bevy of built men, clad in (what else?) golden trunks, as White feeds them cheesecake and delivers clever lines like “I’m still a Golden Girl” while dancing with Luciana. 

Following her death, White’s duet partner Luciana took to Instagram, and after The Hollywood Reporter released a list of Betty White’s 6 Best Moments (to which their video was a part of), Luciana said “she was my favorite co-star. We had the best time making our smash hit ‘I’m Still Hot’”. Luciana also posted her own tribute, including the final few moments of their video where she and White spent some one on one, lightly scripted moments (with a hearty slice of cheesecake). Luciana said “Well, she certainly knew how to rock my world with her cheesecake.. Betty, it was a privilege working with you and you calling me a skinny bitch in the back of a limo… (what a sentence to get to say!!!!) I am so grateful to have had this time with you… what an honor..thank you for your talent and humour.. You will be forever missed”


Dave Audé posted his own tribute on Instagram, saying in part “This will forever be a career highlight. Co-writing and producing this track with @thelucianacaporaso for the legendary #BettyWhite. Truly a moment I’ll never forget”.

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