Richard Madden’s Buttastic Set Leak Creates Confusion

Screenshot via YouTube @The Hollywood Reporter

Don’t let confused media sources fool you, there wasn’t a leaked photo of the MCU’s first gay superhero.

We’ve been following the story of the MCU’s first openly gay superhero for a while now. Ever since rumors first hit in March that Marvel Studios was looking for a gay lead in their The Eternals film, to be specific.


Since then, we’ve covered the rumor that the character will be Richard Madden’s character Ikaris and the fact that Kevin Feige has confirmed that there is a gay role (who is also married with kids). But, there’s been no confirmation on who that character is and who is playing the character. That said, many new sources and Twitter users have recently spread unconfirmed stories while running with that idea.

Namely, there are headlines going around saying “leaked photos show a first look at Ikaris and the MCU’s first gay superhero.” But in reality, they’re pictures of a clothing ad.


The photos show Madden dressed in jeans, a white shirt, and a denim jacket while on a natural set. While the action shots of Madden hanging over water or swapping out with a stunt double make the filming seem more like that of an action film than a clothing campaign, the recording is actually of the latter.

Last month, it was revealed that Madden had been chosen to front a new campaign for Calvin Klein. And as Daily Mail reported a few days ago, Calvin Klein is filming a campaign inspired by a lake scene involving Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy in the BBC’s 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice.


More evidence that this is a separate shoot than one for The Eternals is that Madden’s shoot is happening somewhere in England. No other Eternals cast have been seen at the set. In addition, Marvel Studios is currently prepping for filming in Spain and creating a Latin American-inspired set in an undisclosed location.

All of this is to say that yes, Madden looks great in the photos. But no, it doesn’t look like this is a “first look at Marvel’s first gay superhero.” And on top of that, we still don’t officially know the identity of that superhero to begin with. So be careful with what you read out there, folks.

Source: Daily Mail,

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