Right-Wing Pastor Compares Gay People to Coronavirus

Pastor E.W. Jackson recently said that the “homovirus” is destroying families. Image by Jill Nance from Associated Press via Washington Post

COVID-19 is literally sweeping the globe and not in a good way, with almost 90,000 confirmed cases around the world. While people should be focused on preventing the spread of this disease, right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson decided to compare LGBT people to COVID-19 in that he believes, like the disease, homosexuality is destroying families, according to Towleroad.

He said that during his radio show, “The Awakening,” as a way to attack Virginia Democratic Congressman Bobby Scott, a man who represents Jackson’s district and supports LGBT rights. Jackson said “The last thing in the world the black community needs is more destruction of the family… and that’s all this whole homosexual movement amounts to.” He also said that it “is a virulent, violent attack” and that it’s the “homovirus for the family,” effectively comparing LGBT people to a global epidemic. Not only is that nonsensical, it’s also terribly insensitive. 


Jackson explained that of course being gay doesn’t make someone physically ill, but instead he spoke from a spiritual and psychological perspective. He said, “I’m talking about the spiritual and psychological element that is introduced into a community that is already having major problems with family formation, and family maintenance, and rearing of children.” Two things: gay people have always existed and gay people can also form and maintain a family as well as rear children, so his argument was dead on arrival. So being LGBT isn’t something that was “introduced into a community” and it does not inherently cause problems with forming a family or rearing children, because there are incompatible straight people and infertile people, so should they be met with such scorn? Of course not.

LGBT people have been blamed for such things as Hurricane Katrina, floods, and the Spanish economy’s decline and now we’re blamed for destroying families. Now if I had the power to do all of that, I would probably use said power for good, like telling people to not listen to people like Jackson because honestly it’s not worth anyone’s time. 

Source: Towleroad

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