Ross Lynch Is Sexy, Loud and Proud in Utah Performance

Ross Lynch has been making headlines for his shirtless performances on tour with him and his brother Rocky Lynch’s musical duo called The Driver Era.

In fact, people on Twitter are raving about him after his recent gig in Salt Lake City, Utah wherein he rocked the stage while singing, dancing, and looking oh so hot with a pride flag draped around him.


Aside from being a talented singer and songwriter, Lynch is also an actor, and his most recent work was playing the role of Harvey in the Netflix series ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,’ which currently has 4 seasons.

He also portrayed a shy high school student named Jeffrey Dahmer who eventually becomes a serial killer in the 2017 thriller film entitled ‘My Friend Dahmer.’ And in appreciation for the 26-year-old multi-hyphenate, why don’t we look at some of his sexy Instas, shall we?

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Here’s a video moment:

How about Lynch wearing a cowboy hat?


These posts are certainly worth more than a million of likes.

And now, we manifest for more sexy, shirtless performances from Ross Lynch. 

2 thoughts on “Ross Lynch Is Sexy, Loud and Proud in Utah Performance”

  1. He’s cute, but not much of a singer. It is good that he, Harry Styles, and other performers, wear the pride flag onstage and supports the LGBT community.


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