Rounding Up Dashing Dads & Their Doggies On Their Big Day

L-R Max Souza, Steve_in_la (via Instagram)

Checking out how our favorite InstaHotties celebrated National Dog Day with their furry family members.

Instagram daddy/dog duo Steve_in_la and his bestie Tobi_in_LA posed for the moment:

Instahottie Max Souza (Mr. Brazil Gay 2020) shared black/white bulldog pup Arya and mama dog Charlotte along with the rest of his puppers:

Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello made it black and white that Bubbles is his favorite:

Boy Butter pitchman Facundo Rodriguez shared a moment with his bull terrier, Rocco:

Out Olympian Gus Kenworthy struck a pose with his doggie daughter Birdie:

YouTube celeb Max Emerson was hanging out with Sargeant Pupper (who has his own 18K followers on Instagram):

English rugby star Chris Robshaw spent the day with five dashing doggies:

Photographer Alexis Salgues  shared these pics of personal trainer Ben Cent with his woofy Siberian husky, Wolfgang:

Fitness guy Bremen Menelli worked out at the beach with his bestie, Hugo:

Hunky veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin’s cutie Henry explained how he basically owns everything:

Ollie the samoyed’s hunky dad took him on a boat ride:

Big and beefy fitness coach Dominik Scherl showed off his poofy pom, Rocco:

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