Rugby Player Toby Rudolf: “Sexuality Is Fluid”

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Look at that, gays. We stay winning!

In response to the Manly Pride jersey controversy, rugby player Toby Rudolf is sharing he’s kissed a man or two. Or more.


The Cronulla Sharks forward recently spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald. In that interview, the athlete shared his support for a Pride round in the National Rugby League. He says a pride round would be a great way to celebrate LGBTQ players and fans in the rugby community. And why’s he sharing these thoughts? It’s his response to seven players from the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles withdrawing from a match against the Roosters because of Pride jerseys.

But listen up, readers! This is where it gets juicy. Rudolf then opened up about his sexual experiences.

“Sexuality is very fluid. I’ve been out and kissed many gay men, kissed many straight women and kissed many gay women,” Rudolf said. 


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Rudolf also shares that he grew up raised by “quite a few gay and lesbian community members.” The 26-year-old explained that his uncle and godmother are both gay. All that love and joy he’s received from gay spaces and people has left him with a lot of love for us.

But let’s get more specific. While the professional athlete considers his sexuality to be “fluid,” he’s mostly interested in women.

“I’m not a one-stop shop. Love is love, and I love to share it with everyone. You could say I’m open to both genders but only attracted to one of them,” he said. 


But let’s be fair. Rudolf never really hid is sexual past or interests. In fact, in 2021, he hinted at it openly. The athlete had a minor controversy over a comment he made after a Sharks win. The forward said he’d celebrate by having “1,000 beers” and going to a nightclub to “try and pull something – anything will do.”

After hearing of the comment, NRL CEO Andrew Abdo released a strongly worded statement.


“I was very disappointed with Toby’s comments. They were inappropriate and should not have been said,’ he declared. Daddy Abdo was so mad that the NRL released an official warning and made Rudolf get counselling.

In response, Rudolf clarified that he didn’t mean any woman.

“At the time of that interview I never said ‘women,’” he pointed out.

As for those boycotting players, Manly chairman and owner Scott Penn revealed they have agreed to wear a pride jersey next season.


“Yes, that’s the message they were very clear on –  let’s work together,” he said.

Anyway, here are more pics of Toby Rudolf. Because, why not?



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