RuPaul To Host An Online Holiday Show?

Images via Twitter @RuPaul

RuPaul’s getting more holiday-themed work?

The drag sensation has been busy lately. From announcing a new Chia Pet in her image to appearing in Old Navy commercials, the holiday season has been a lot for her. And now, RuPaul will be regularly appearing on holiday-themed social media videos.


As an extension of her Old Navy gig, RuPaul will be appearing in a weekly social media show called RuPaulidays. The series will be released in four parts and distributed through Old Navy’s Instagram and YouTube accounts. Each episode will come out at 5 p.m. EST every Friday starting November 27.

“Honey after the year we’ve had, I came to give all you something sweet,” RuPaul said in a video posted to Twitter.


In the announcement video, we see RuPaul in front of a marble kitchen table with appliances, bowls, icing bags, and more around her. She’s wearing her classic blonde wig and a candy cane inspired onesie.

But what will the four-part series entail? RuPaul will be sharing simple recipes, funny stories, and, of course, marketing for Old Navy merchandise. Despite that last bit, the series is intended to be a light and fun holiday program. And according to a release, Ru hopes to spread a little glee around the globe and in her own home. After all, her own Christmas tradition has been hindered by the chaotic-ness that is 2020.

“One of my most cherished holiday traditions is Georges [Lebar] and I will go to Paris — we’ve done it for the past few years,” Ru said in the statement. “This year, we probably won’t be going so maybe we drive down to Paris, Texas. Or Paris, California. You know — California has a Paris.”

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