RuPaul Has Her Own Chia Pet in Drag?

RuPaul (screen capture via VH!)

Would you like to get RuPaul for Christmas? Now you can!

What’s more surprising than the fact that the internationally famous drag queen and entertainer now has a Chia pet in his image? The fact that Chia pets are still a thing. And yet, here we are.


Monday night, November 9th, RuPaul announced that a bust and plant combo item in his image will be hitting stores in the near future.

“She’s here!” Ru posted on both Twitter and Instagram. “RuPaul Chia Pet! ‘Ch-Ch-Chi-Chia’ Work My Weave For Christmas.”


If you’re new to Chia pets, they are decorative planters designed like celebrities, cartoon characters, and more. Once you spread seeds on the object and water them for up to two weeks, a luscious green plant will grow. For RuPaul’s Chia pet, the plant is meant to grow on Ru’s hair.

When speaking to TMZ, RuPaul said that the product was, “the perfect metaphor for life. To grow you must tend to your garden and love yourself.” 

If you’re interested in buying the product, it will ship beginning in December of this year and will cost you $19.95.

This is just the latest in what has been a relatively good year for the drag performer. From hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live, to starting both Drag Race Canada and Drag Race Holland. RuPaul also led a holiday campaign with Old Navy and released a remix to his Christmas track remix called “Hey Sis, It’s Christmas.”

As some fans consider buying this limited-edition Chia pet for their holiday festivities, one has to wonder what 2021 has in store for RuPaul.

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