‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Power Rankings, Episode 11: Who Gets Your Vote?

Season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race finally has its top four queens, so if you haven't watched the episode yet, go ahead and click on something else then come back (might I suggest this hot cop story?) 

Sadly, fan favorite Miz Cracker went home last night after losing her lip sync battle to Kameron Michaels. This leaves Kameron in the top four with fellow Tennessee native Eureka, Texas' very own Asia O'Hara and The Big Apple's Aquaria

The episode started off with a mini-challenge that was culinary related, as the queens had to design something with a pancake as a base. The guest judge for this was cutey actor Cheyenne Jackson, who I couldn't really tell if he was having a good time or not throughout. By the way, why haven't they done a Food Network-type challenge like this yet? Did they? Am I forgetting? Bueller?

This led to the maxi-challenge, where the queens had to create two different designs: one that highlighted what makes them special and unique and the other that showcased their own flaws, saboteurs and whatnot. It was an interesting concept that allowed each queen to reveal what their own inner saboteur really is and then display that on the runway as a character as opposed to just them talking about it. 

I knew pretty much from the get that Cracker was going home, regardless of what Reddit was saying for the past two weeks. The focus of the episode really was about her, and her rehearsed type of presence that she exhibited throughout the competition. That showed this week when she decided to make two designs whereas the other queens simply took what they already brought (except for Kameron-ish), and altered them according to their character.

Once again, she feels like she needs to overdo things just to earn a win, and not let things just run smoothly like the other queens have sort of done. Whereas Cracker's first outfit was fantastic the second one really faltered which led her into the bottom two with Kameron. Then, she went home. 

Now, we have four queens left. There looks to be one more episode before the finale, but I don't think they will be eliminating anyone next week. So this begs, the question: where do they all stand right now?

Each week, we are doing a power ranking of who is on the top, the middle and the bottom.  In last week's rankings, Asia stayed at the number one spot for a 2nd week in a row. Will that change this go around?

1. Aquaria (last week: #4). I do not want her in this position, I'll be honest, but yes… she has been doing fantastically throughout the season and I'm at the point where she will more than likely win season 10. Her outfits last night were on point and the story behind them was wonderful. Her personality remains what it is, but Violet Chachki had a similar ego about her in S7 and rode that all the way to a win. Aquaria can easily do the same. 

2. Eureka (last week: #2). Didn't really get a lot of screen time last night, but she did a good job again. I knew from the get that she would make it to the end, there was nothing that was really going to stop her and she's only had about one or two hiccups throughout the entire season. I'm not really a fan of either of the top two, but they have done a great job in S10 and will more than likely be the top two when this whole thing is done (I could be wrong though).

3. Asia O'Hara (last week: #1). Asia did a great job this week primarily due to her evil persona that was some of the best makeup I have ever seen on RPDR. The momentum that she was carrying for the past two weeks sort of fizzled out a bit last night, but she could still pull out a win in the end. The Cracker fans are probably going in on her for saying she's not a star on the show, but there's nothing wrong with being honest and speaking your truth which is a very hard thing to do on this show. 

4. Kameron Michaels (last week: #5). I think Kameron should just be happy that she made it to the top four. There are other queens who got to this point without ever really having the focus be about them throughout the season (Darienne Lake, ahem), and she should just be thrilled about making it all the way to the end. Will she win? That remains to be seen, but there isn't much of a case there to validate that. 

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