RWRB Movie Star Polo Morín Opens Up About Being Blackmailed and Outed

Mexican actor Polo Morín is starring in the highly anticipated film adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s 2019 LGBT romance novel entitled Red, White & Royal Blue, and he has personally gone through a similar experience as the protagonists of the story.


Red, White & Royal Blue tells the story of Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez) and Prince Henry’s (Nicholas Galitzine) secret relationship, which eventually leaked to the media, and exposed to the world. Morin plays a journalist and a former lover of Alex.

But wait, there’s more! Alex (Perez) happens to be the son of the first female President of the United States while Prince Henry (Galitzine) is his British royal counterpart who is third in line to the throne.


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Similar to the novel and upcoming movie’s plot, Morín also experienced being blackmailed in exchange for money before his webcam session nudes were eventually released in 2014. Back then, the 31-year-old actor was still closeted, and the photos only showed him.

“They couldn’t see who I was with. I thought, ‘Yeah, well, I was masturbating. We guys masturbate. So sorry for that,'” Morín shared.

Fortunately, the leaked nudes didn’t affect his image negatively. However in 2016, the actor was outed against his will when his email was hacked, and photos with his then-boyfriend were posted on his Facebook account.


Morín opened up about how he felt being outed when he was not yet ready stating,

“It was just a bunch of photos of us travelling. We were in Spain. They hacked my emails and got the photos, and then hacked my Facebook account and published them as if I was coming out. Which, honestly, I wasn’t ready for.

I was already talking about doing it with my bosses and my producers, because it was something that I did want to do for younger Polo, because I never had that example in my youth. I wanted to be that person for someone else. But I was not ready, because I was really scared that I would never work again in Mexico.”


After the unexpected outing, the actor lost more than 100,000 followers on his social media. Like most unfortunate events, however, things eventually took a turn for the better, and Morín has now gained 2 million followers on Instagram.


Not to mention, his acting career seems to be heading a positive direction with the upcoming film Red, White & Royal Blue in the works.


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