Sara Gilbert Leaves The Talk

Image via YouTube / The Talk – BREAKING NEWS: Sara Gilbert Announces She’s Leaving ‘The Talk’ After Season 9

Is She Jumping Off A Sinking Ship?


If you’ve ever been painfully unemployed or had nothing better to do on a weekday morning, it may be likely that daytime talk shows have raised you. Since I was a child I would run home from hellish grammar school and turn on the absolute messy stories on Jenny Jones or Maury. As an adult, I still do the exact same, although I’m not necessarily trying to escape anymore. The women of The View and Wendy Williams have all became friends in my head as we “talk” more than I do with most people!

Daytime talk shows have blossomed from an hour of smut television to having someone announce their candidacy for president. No matter what your flavor is, there is definitely a show you’d watch and follow, which comes equipped with a cast or your favorite host. On my one hand alone I can count on the two aforementioned shows, but also The Real, Dr. Phil, and The Ellen Show. My absolute least favorite is The Talk, which currently stars former rapper Eve, Sharon Osbourne, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Sheryl Underwood. I’m leaving out one of the original five, Sara Gilbert of Roseanne fame, because she just announced yesterday that she’s quitting the show!

Gilbert is leaving, allegedly because she wants to focus on family and her acting/producing career now more than ever. So, she’s ditching the show that brought her into our homes once again and gave her a platform to push the revival of Roseanne Barr, the series she would eventually become the “boss” of after Barr’s reckless comments. Barr still claims Gilbert ruined the show and her life. Gilbert showed some crocodile tears as she said farewell to the show she’s been on for the last nine years. Check out the clip below:


Yes, The Conners, the revival of Barr’s show which Gilbert currently stars in, is one of the most popular, current shows on television. She doesn’t only work in front of the camera but also behind the scenes. I get that someone would only want to move forward in their industry, and spend time with their family, but I feel like Gilbert gave a quick goodbye to a sinking ship.

The Talk is one of the worst daytime talk shows on air. It lacks the passion of The View, the personality of Wendy Williams, and the goofiness of Ellen Degeneres. There’s nothing that really clicks, and I say this as someone who has been invited be an audience member of The Talk by Gilbert herself! Gilbert was on a sinking ship and knew she needed to jump off. Aisha Tyler recently quit and Julie Chen stepped down after her husband and former head of CBS Television (the network which airs the show) was accused of sexual assault. Their replacements don’t have any type of sparkle to make us want to tune in. There’s been plagues of rumors, spread by Williams herself, that The Talk has only won Emmy Awards because Chen’s husband had a hand in passing them out.


As expected, Gilbert’s soon to be former co-hosts had an emotional goodbye. The one who took it the hardest was Osbourne, likely because she knows she’s going to be out of a job next season. They absolutely should have canceled this show with the sexual assault allegations against Chen’s husband, so I’m surprised it remained on. Osbourne will be the only original host but this certainly isn’t “her” show as The View is to Joy Behar or Whoopi Goldberg. Osbourne should cross her fingers Gilbert has another gig lined up for her, because it’s time to kick The Talk to the curb.

Check out Gilbert’s co-hosts wishing her well and bawling their eyes out below:

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  1. I don’t care who wrote the article, I just wanted to say that Sara Gilbert is starting to look like the girl that crawls out of the TV in “The Ring”.

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