Schitt’s Creek Fans Threw $19K+ At LGBT Youth

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Schitt’s Creek fans and Dan Levy are supporting LGBTQ youth.

In order to celebrate the birthday of Dan Levy, the co-creator and co-star of four-time Emmy nominated comedy Schitt’s Creek, fans of the tv show have raised $19,872 and counting for LGBTQ youth at the LGBT Youth Line in Ontario.


The Canadian tv sitcom centers around a rich family suddenly riddled with debt. The Roses then flee to their only remaining asset left. A small town aptly called Schitt’s Creek. But throughout its five seasons (and upcoming sixth one), we see Dan Levy’s pansexual character and his family grow into their own as equal members of their new society.

The series has been a smash hit on Canada’s CBC Television, the U.S.’s Pop TV, and on streaming through Netflix. And now that the show is ending with a final season, fans wanted to show their love of the program through supporting the LGBTQ community.


Bea Edwards, a hardcore Schitt’s Creek fan from Indiana, organized the fundraiser as a way of honoring Levy and LGBTQ youth.

As the fundraiser says:

“Dan Levy has written us a love letter in the form of Schitt’s Creek—more than that, he’s opened the door for more genuine television storytelling with queer characters and queer love stories at the forefront where love and acceptance are the norm. And, he’s paved the way for many of us to live more authentic lives out loud.”

“Now, we want to send a love letter right back to him by supporting an amazing organization,” she added.

Dan Levy, however, hasn’t inspired just one LGBTQ youth to support others, but many. Edwards was aided by 10 other organizers, many of whom are young queer people themselves, in reaching out to the youth-led organization LGBT Youth Line. They then set up the campaign on to support the organization. The initial goal was $500, but thanks to the generosity of strangers, that goal jumped up to $7,500 and then $15,000. But again, the campaign is currently sitting at nearly $20K.


Speaking to Pride, campaign organizer Edwards says that she’s floored by the kindness spreading across the internet.

“I’ve definitely been moved to tears, including in random public places, these past few weeks, reading some of the messages people have left on the donation page and in our inbox,” Edwards said. “They show that when you put things out into the world that bring joy and celebrate love and acceptance like Dan has, you inspire other people to put light and love out into the world as well.”


As for Dan Levy, he and other members of the cast and crew shared their support for the campaign on social media.

Sources: CanadaHelps, Pride

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