Schock And Cohen Were Seen Getting Cozy At The Fasano Hotel Pool

L-R Aaron Schock and Eliad Cohen in Rio de Janeiro (image via Rob Shuter)

The city of Rio de Janeiro was full of LGBTQ travelers from all over the world last week for the annual Carnaval celebrations.

The event, known for sexy costumes, rowdy fun, and beautiful people everywhere you look.

The siren call of Carnaval even drew disgraced, totally-not-gay former Rep. Aaron Schock down to the sun and fun along with other well-known gays.

Naughty But Nice gossip guy Rob Shuter shared a few pics of Schock getting cozy with woofy Israeli actor and circuit party promoter Eliad Cohen at the plush Fasano Hotel.

In the above photo, Schock gives Cohen a hand with sunscreen, and below took a few snaps of Cohen relaxing in the rooftop pool of the Fasano.

Here’s more of Cohen and Schock taking in the sun and fun together. As you can see, Schock took the time to ‘Like’ many of Cohen’s pics. 

Now, to be clear, we don’t have a problem with anyone living their best life.

But – Schock still has an issue with the gay community for the anti-LGBTQ political positions and votes he cast while in Congress including voting against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and opposing same-sex marriage.

The only reason that came to an end was when criminal charges were brought against him for using campaign funds for re-decorating his Congressional office a la Downton Abbey, taking expensive trips on the taxpayer’s dime and buying pricey gifts.

The charges were eventually dropped in an agreement which includes Schock repaying $68,000 to his congressional campaign fund and $42,000 to the IRS in exchange for dropping all felony charges against him.

Since then, he’s been seen kissing guys at Coachella with his hands down their pants, tipping go-go boys in Mexico, frolicking on the beach with a wanna-be ‘Insta-Influencer,’ and even had his selfie pics and video leaked to the internet.

The community still feels if he wants to be embraced, he still needs to address his political past when he took aim at the LGBTQ community.

When Schock attended an evening last September at a popular West Hollywood bar, drag queen Jonnie Reinhart spoke to him about his anti-gay past. At the time, he told Reinhart he was working on “putting out a statement.”

Well, how long does it take to draft that statement? It’s five months later, gurl, tick-tock. 

It is curious that Cohen, a gay celebrity in the dance party world due to his celebrated Papa Party events, wouldn’t know (or care?) about Schock’s less-than-loving treatment of the community.

As Rob Shuter asked in his report, “What message is Cohen sending to his 1.3 million gay followers by embracing someone like Schock who has yet to apologize for his anti-gay past?”

(Source: NaughtyGossip)

24 thoughts on “Schock And Cohen Were Seen Getting Cozy At The Fasano Hotel Pool”

  1. I feel like Aaron Schock is making up for lost time living his life as a party animal at an age when more guys are focused on their career and relationships. This is probably going to end badly for him down the road.

  2. Schock deserves all the criticism he has been getting. Closeted gay politicians are the most toxic and destructive opponents to the fight for gay rights.

    Many of us were raised in religious, conservative families and communities, but we still found the courage to come out. Just because he conforms to the narcissistic profile of an Instagram “thirst trap” is no reason to give this man a pass.

    He needs to acknowledge the damage he has done, not just to gay men, but to his constituents, who he betrayed by his deceit.

  3. To be fair, many LGBTQ people had never heard of Shock until most recently so don’t be surprised people in the crowd are not phased by him. I heard about him last year in September 2019. Eli Cohen has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights and I hope he reflects in this. Lastly Shock still has a lot of explaining and apologizing to do.

  4. I feel sorry for the congressman. In our society the pressure that are placed on LGBTQ folks is awful. The church (and he was raised in church), family,, the educational system, and the work place put pressure on the individual to conform. IIt doesn’t make right what he did but it does make it understandable. We need to be helpful NOT hateful toward him. As a person who lost everything because of rumors and gossip I understand his pain. He and others like him have my prayers and best wishes. During this Lenten season let us examine ourselves for our faults and forgive and pray for those who have failed to measure up to our expectations.

      • Why is it so important. I believe action speaks louder than words. And i saw not one lgbtq member in those photos care that congressman was there.
        I saw his partner stand strong beside him and i saw them embrace what it means to be loved without shame.
        Action speaks louder than words and sometimes not all the words are available. Sometimes you have to learn to let others live their own lives and realize it doesnt actually effect you. The people he hurt the most was himself and his boyfriend. They never asked for you to be offended for them so stop acting like its a big deal and move on to what outfit your going to wesr to the next party

  5. Social climbing gays are nothing new. Expecting more from someone like Eliad is a bit far fetched. It’s all about the Benjamins.

  6. I could never condone the stuff Schock did as a Congressman and there is little or no excuse. The closet is a hugely toxic place. How many in our community were bullies and beat up the local sissy before they realized their own internalized homophobia?
    Truthfully, though, this obsession with Schock and what he does now is bizarre and hateful. Does the guy get any privacy? Is he going to be trolled for his whole life? This kind of thing just keeps him in the public eye and makes him a celebrity, negatively or not. I say enough already. What effect will it have on any of our lives if he chooses to go out and party and have fun? If he runs for office again, fair game definitely.
    And would anybody out there be continually obsessed about him if he was a physically ugly person? Highly doubt it.

    • I think part of the interest in Schock is we’ve not seen many Republican congressmen come out after such virulently anti-LGBTQ votes. Plus, he’s been canoodling with, hanging with, hands down the pants with, the gays publicly for a year now without commenting. As a journalist, now that he’s finally done his coming out (sans apology), I doubt there will be much more interest in him. This was basically his shot to deal with the issue. Unless he personally pays for and opens an LGBTQ youth center to make amends.

      And yes, I agree – if he were a troll (whatever that means to you) I think there would be fewer people saying, “Aw, we should just be nice to him….”

  7. “What message is Cohen sending to his 1.3 million gay followers by embracing someone like Schock who has yet to apologize for his anti-gay past?”

    Ugh. He’s still got a nice body and white face. Mainstream gays still after that thirst trap.

    • What part of party promoter who isn’t American did you not understand? Why would Cohen even know about Schock’s congressional voting record? It’s pretty stupid to expect him not to hang out with Schock.

  8. The community? Speak for yourself. I could care less who he does or does not do. Let the man live his life. He doesn’t owe us anything and given how you all treat him u would say he shouldn’t ever apologize.

    • After his atrocious congressional voting record, he “doesn’t owe us anything”?? To quote your words, speak for yourself!

    • There is no doubt that the worst poisons come inside small jars.

      Do you want to know the origin of the ruin and the worst of society?

      Well here is the answer!

      A mean and unscrupulous man, considering “totally not gay” that he has complicated the road, and that now, he wants to take advantage of us to rekindle his destroyed career.

      And a group of PENDEJOS (“PENDEJOS” in spanish means “ASSHOLES”,or STUPIDS) who want to go that way, trying to justify all those acts that can never be justified.

  9. Retired congressmen must have one hell of a pension. He seems to live like a rock star yet has no job? WTF. Jealous? Yes, I sure am.

    • This is most likely true. The videos that have “leaked” are jarring because of how prominent his face is in them. He’s a complete narcissist and I’m sure he’s proud of them. My favorite article out now is a column that posted pictures of him begging guys that despite that he looks like this please don’t “fuck” him. LOL. He shouldn’t be getting laid.


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