Sci Fi Still Sexy After All These Years

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You can go ahead and add ageless to the list of words to describe actor David Duchovny. The 61 year- old is blowing up the internet and at the same time giving guys like Paul Rudd, John Stamos, and Scott Wolf a run for their money. Seriously, do they all work at the same gym? #benjaminbuttons

For his latest role on the upcoming Netflix series The Chair Duchovny who is playing a fictionalized version of himself pays homage to his past and at the same time shows us all how ripped he still is. The Californication actor once again dons a red speedo almost exactly like the one he wore 27 years ago in a now-classic season 2 episode of The X Files. That photo and moment are iconic to the legions of sci-fi fans (and anyone who likes hot guys in speedos lol). The only difference this time around is the shade of red of the speedo.Β 







Duchovny did not hesitate when presented with the idea from The Chair writer and executive producer Amanda Peet. Duchovny in an interview with EW said,

“I feel lame doing it, plus I think nobody remembers this s— from so long ago. But Sandra (Oh) is fantastic and funny, and Amanda is brilliant and funny and a good person, and she’s written this great, smart show that’s she’s running. I’m so proud to be with her on it. If she says, ‘David, jump,’ I say, ‘How high do you want me to jump in a red Speedo?'”

Peet also spoke to EW, discussing her where the idea came from,


“loved the idea that he replays his iconic moments at home by himself. Like a crazy Hollywood schmuck.”


Catch Duchovny and his red speedo when The Chair premieres on Netflix on August 20th. Until then check out the trailer below.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Audacy

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