Search Info For An Ohio High School Was Hacked To Say “Gay Night Club For Teens”

The Google information for a High School in Ohio was hacked in order to make a juvenile, yet harmless, prank.

For part of this past Thursday (November 8), Google searches for the Little Miami High School in Morrow, Ohio would bring up the term “Gay Night Club For Teens.”

The school, which serves 1,000 students, quickly discovered the hack in the morning, according to a Facebook post by the school district.

The school then worked with Google to have the term changed by 1 p.m., according to

"Our high school administrators have conducted an investigation," said Melinda Briggs, the director of communications for the school. "It appears that this activity occurred using the school network, which is traceable."

Although the school is still investigating the situation, they have yet to catch the culprit or to identify any suspects. If the culprit turns out to be a student, he or she could face disciplinary action for violating the school network’s user policy. That said, one Facebook user suggested that a culprit has already been found and given a warning instead.

h/t:, WCPO Cincinnati

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