Season 13 Finalist Rosé-“I Think My ‘Drag Race’ Story Is Fabulous”

With a strong background in acting and singing and a well-established New York City pedigree, Rosé took every challenge on RuPaul’s Drag Race head on, making it all the way to the Top Four on this past season of the international Emmy-winning reality franchise. While she did not snag the crown this season, this vocal acrobat is positioned perfectly for a stellar post Drag Race career. I caught up with Rosé to talk about her “fabulous” Drag Race story, unexpected friendships that popped up, and what advice Season 12 sister Jan offered her. 


Michael Cook: How does it feel to have been a Top Four contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race this season?

Rosé: It feels great. I have been sitting on the knowledge for some time, so it is lovely to finally get to celebrate it and talk about it in the open; and to feel the love from the fans too. It’s fab, it is exactly what I set out to do and I am very proud of myself for what I have done and the work that I have achieved. It’s nice…

MC: So many New York City queens get cast on Drag Race and end up having varying degrees of success. How do you look back on your own experience?

R: I think that my Drag Race story is a story of triumph and determination. They threw so many hurdles at me, but I dodged them all. After falling flat on my face that first day, I had to rethink my strategy and take a closer and different look at who I am and what I came to Drag Race to do. I love my Drag Race story, I think it is fabulous.


MC: As a well known performer, actor, and singer, you are already a multi-faceted performer. What is it it like to participate in challenges where you get to not only stretch the talents that you already know that you have, but get to discover new ones?

R: I have been training for years as an actor and I always went into the show as a comedic actor in drag. That is some of the proudest work and my favorite stuff that I have done in years. I was excited to go to Drag Race and to showcase all of that stuff. I think what really changed for me was really finding the knowledge and confidence that I could win and really persevere. There is so much more to Drag Race than the challenges and being able to find my way through by reading between the lines, that is where I was really surprised and I that is what I am really proud of. I have had sisters that were not so lucky that came before me.


MC: What advice did Season 12 contestant and fellow Stephanie’s Child member Jan give you before you left for Drag Race?

R: Jan has been so supportive of me and she helped me get ready for the season. The night before I left she sat down and wrote a little page of helpful hints and reminders that might help me. When we sat down on my basement floor together, we looked into each others eyes. She hugged me and said “you have everything in your suitcase and in your heart to win this; so just go do it”. I thought about that a lot when I was filming and looking back on it now, she was right!


MC: I asked her the next question and her answer was you, which has now seemed to manifest itself. What New York City girl do you think would be amazing on a future season of Drag Race?

R: I would definitely have to say my sister Lagoona Bloo. Surprising no one, Lagoona is the third member of our girl group Stephanie’s Child and she is an absolutely incredible performer. She sings, she is hilarious, and she is truly a profound makeup artist; her aesthetic is breathtaking. She is so charismatic and I think she would just be dynamite on the show. I would love to see her on a future season.

MC: You developed interesting relationships this season on Drag Race. Whether developing a relationship with fellow NYC sister Tina Burner or new burgeoning friendships like the one with Denali, are the relationships that you develop almost better than accomplishing all that you have accomplished?

R: Absolutely. You know, people love to tweet memes and things about the fact that I say on several occasion that “I did not come here to make friends”, then I am the bitch in the cast who is besties with everyone. That is funny, but I didn’t actually come to Drag Race to make friends. I am thrilled with the privilege and power to have made space to make friends while I was there also.


Drag Race is a scary and wild beast of a process to go through. It really helps to have a shoulder to learn on sometimes and it helps to have someone that you know is in your corner who believes in you. Denali was that for me several times and I know that I was that for her. I am in a girl group, so my relationships are everything to me.

MC: What is next for you post Drag Race?


R: It is such a while ride, and to be honest, I am just so happy with what I presented on the show, people got to see not just who I am, but a fabulous fourteen-week-long video resume of what I could do. I am hoping to travel and tour the world performing on stages everywhere just like the little showbiz diva that I am, after the pandemic. Beyond that, I would love to really work in television more on a more scripted level. I also may or may not have been working on some new music that is going to be coming out soon…keep your ears peeled for that!

MC: What do you think as a performer as an actress and singer, is the lesson that took the longest for you to learn?

R: That those things to do not make me who I am. Who I am is a beautiful, carefree, lighthearted, lovable person and when I allow myself to do the things that I know how to do and just “be” and enjoy myself, that comes through; when I get too focused it does not come thought

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