Season 2 Viral Queen Speak Post RuPaul Drag Race, Tyra Sanchez, A Future “All Stars” and More

Without Mystique Summers, we would not have some of the most famous moments to come out of RuPaul's Drag Race! From her epic runways to her infamous Untucked "Bitch I Am From Chicago" fight with Morgan McMichaels, it is safe to say that Mystique made a definite impact on the show long after her departure. After coming up in one of the reading challenges this year on All Stars, it made perfect sense to catch up with Mystique. I chatted her with about her post Drag Race life, her thoughts on the winner of her season, and if we may see her return to a future season of All Stars. 


INSTINCT: You are heading to Asbury Park this week to Paradise for A Taste Of Honey with hostess and Miss Paradise 2018 Honey Davenport! ! Is this your first visit to Asbury Park? It’s one of the largest LGBT complexes in the tri-state area and everyone is abuzz with anticipation! 

MYSTIQUE: It’s not my first time at Paradise, but it is my first time performing. I can’t wait I am so excited! 

So take me back to pre-RuPaul’s Drag Race Drag Race; how did you get your start in the world of drag artistry? 

I got my start back in November of a certain year (laughs). At a small club called Changes that taught me to perform for one person or twenty thousand people!

You were part of a historic group on Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. What do you remember the most about the experience? Favorite and least favorite parts? 

I remember everything about the experience that I wouldn'’t change for the world. My favorite part was meeting the all the girls and learning about their type of drag and also making those sisterhood connections. My least favorite part is releasing complete control to the production crew! 

Your argument with fellow Season Two sister Morgan McMichaels was one of the first viral moments of RuPaul’s Drag Race! How does it feel to be a trailblazer? Do you ever run into Morgan at all? 

Trailblazer, please (laughs)! Morgan and myself are the reason these girls getting all these coins! I run into her, just not as much as we should. Hell, we’re the reason Untucked was so crazy!

Tyra Sanchez won your season and has been quite the controversial "Drag Superstar' to say the least. Are you surprised at her post Drag Race behavior? 

(Laughs) well I would go crazy if I won ten thousand dollars and now these winners are getting one hundred thousand dollars! 

All Stars, do you think we can possibly expect to see you on a future season? You came up very quickly this season in the reading challenge. Thoughts on that? 

(Laughs) I should, going from three hundred and ninety pounds to two hundred and twenty pounds. Hell, they should of called me! If you haven’t noticed my name is brought up every season. Where’s my check?! (laughs). 

And for Miss Hot sauce's read, she needs to get her own because we heard that from Morgan and Raven in Season 2. I guess it's good to recycle reads right? 

What have been your biggest career highlights since Drag Race? Any aspirations or goals that you are still looking to achieve? 

The biggest highlight is having people watch me go from a 3X to a Medium! My goals is to keep helping, entertaining, and to just be healthy.

As we kick off the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, what gives you “pride?"

Seeing the smiles on kids and adults when they are out and can be free with themselves if it's only for one day.

What inspires you on a daily basis? 

Clouds and sunsets inspires me, cause everyday it's different and the colors are different and amazing! 

What’s next for Mystique? 

Same thing I do everyday #XdressForRent (laughs) who know, maybe All StarsMaster Chef. Whoever calls a gal! 

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