Secretary Pete AND Dolly Both Born On The Same Day? National Holiday?



Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg celebrated his 41st birthday on January 19th. The Former Rhodes scholar was given a sweet shout from his husband Chasten, who told the birthday boy, “We are so lucky to be loved by you.” Chasten also called his partner of eight years,

“the most patient traveling companion and father.”

The tweet has been liked almost 54k times with some eagle-eye commentators pointing out that the former Mayor of South Bend shares a birthday with one of the most beloved Americans today: country singer Dolly Parton! Dolly and Mayor Pete were born on the same day??!!! Why isn’t January 19th a national holiday yet? [There are a few we can get rid of btw to make room for this one lol]

We here at Instinct adore the Buttigiegs, for obvious reasons! Mayor Pete has been fighting for our community for decades! But the couple is also just like us in so many other ways. In 2020 the internet lovingly roasted Chasten after having to cut his man’s hair for a television appearance. At the time Chasten replied to the ‘criticism’ by saying,

“Since absolutely destroying Pete’s hair (which I said I would and have apologized for profusely, internet!) I have watched multiple YouTube tutorials on haircuts at home. I also ordered a new set of hair clippers. I still, however, am not ready to take the plunge. The pressure!”

The Twitterverse loves the father of twins as much as we do here at Instinct judging by the outpouring of well wishes and love sent his way. Check out some of the tweets below, and HBD Mr. Secretary from your friends at Instinct!









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