Sex Worker Sean Harding Spills Some Allegedly Scandalous Tea … But Who Is ‘LG’?

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Usually, in the morning, before my eyes have even fully opened, I’m already sitting up in bed with my laptop, strolling through DM’s. This morning, up in my box, was a DM from one of today’s hottest adult film stars who is also a dear friend. He declaratively stated:

“My love, if you aren’t following Sean Harding – start, because some shit is bout to hit the roof.


Incidentally, the night before, I had, in fact, started following the Twitter account of SeanHardingXXX. I had never heard of him, but suddenly his name was spreading fast after he shared an incendiary tweet alleging that many of his fellow gay male sex worker friends have been providing services to a prominent, closeted Republican senator.

There is a homophobic republican senator who is no better than Trump who keeps passing legislation that is damaging to the lgbt and minority communities. Every sex worker I know has been hired by this man. Wondering if enough of us spoke out if that could get him out of office?



The Senator in the alleged claim is not named; however, in follow-up tweets, Harding refers to this person vaguely as “LG” …. Mmmmmmm?

Listen, I don’t traffic in rumors, and in this current era of anybody will say anything to get some free publicity, Sean Harding could be making it all up, or at least that was my first thought. However, Harding’s tweets seem to be a heartfelt and purposeful response to the blatant hypocrisy of closeted gays in the Republican party, such as Aaron Schock, who voted against gay marriage and LGBTQ protections, while secretly having sex with men.


Harding made an open plea to his fellow sex workers to join him in outing the senator stating there is strength in numbers. He went on to claim in a tweet moments later that two other sex workers who allegedly also sold their wares to “LG” had now joined in his efforts to out the senator.

Honestly, I’m quite jaded at this stage in life, so I was about to dismiss the claim entirely – that is until gossip head Perez Hilton jumped into the thread, spilling some additional tea. Hilton claimed he had just heard from a source that other male sex workers were corroborating Harding’s claim. The source alleges that many rentboys have been providing sexual services to the Senator in question, and they all signed NDA’s (Nondisclosure Agreement) to keep the sexual secrets private. 


Hilton also drops the alleged full name of who he thinks Harding is talking about. As for me – I’m sticking with the alleged “LG.” 

Harding’s tweets have now caught on like wildfire with his initial post gaining over 10,000 retweets and nearing 50,000 likes. Many think they know who Harding is referring to in his claim, and they’ve rallied around the popular porn performer to applaud him for exposing the alleged senator. 


However, some Twitter followers are taking Harding to task for willingly having sex with the alleged high-profile homophobic, closeted senator.

Twitter user [#] @loonayr blasted Harding:

Y’all compromised your morals and knowingly slept with a senator that actively legislates not only against LGBTQ+ rights, but pushes for anti-black policies and advances all of Trump’s agendas and now y’all wanna speak up for some brownie points.. performative but let’s go I guess


Then, @loonayr stuck the dagger in deeper and turned it with a follow up tweet: 

They took this mans cashapp payments and raw loads all quietly up until a week ago but now want to rally and kick him out of office… like who are y’all fooling trying to seem in with the movement now only cuz you can gain some clout and notoriety for taking this man down.

You can check out how Harding responded by clicking on the tweets yourself. In the meantime, the story is growing with hundreds of Harding’s followers tagging Pulitzer prize-winning writer Ronan Farrow to take on the story. Farrow has recently come under some credibility scrutiny from the New York Times, that raised questions about his investigative tactics. Still, undeniably his career-defining journalism skills in exposing sex scandals could make him a living nightmare for “LG” … just ask Harvey Weinstein. 

As for the identity of “LG,” I will not state who I think Harding is referring to with his salacious claim, but the senator I’m thinking of is from the south, has long been rumored to be gay, and has in the past few years become one of Donald Trump’s most loyal lapdogs. I wouldn’t dare say his name. But here’s a hint – it rhymes with Skyndsay Scam.

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