Sexy, Silly, & Silver: Barnabysdaddy Is Burning Up The Internet

James Scott Geras AKA ‘Barnabysdaddy’

Over the past few years, the rise in direct content-based subscription sites has sent the porn industry into a tailspin. Much like the reckoning faced by the music industry when recording artists took control of their own careers through digital distribution, the adult film industry has also been put on notice by platforms like Onlyfans. The message: The days of studio-controlled porn are numbered. 

In a recent article for Instinct Magazine, writer Randy Slovacek spilled all the tea about the current Onlyfans phenomenon. In case you’re oblivious to what I’m even referring to, there’s a booming market, full of hot, young, pretty guys with killer bodies, dynamic smiles, some with enormous appendages –and not afraid to show em for a price. These boys have bills to pay, and they’re thriving on popular ‘pay to view’ sites, where going full-monty is a way to supplement their income. For many guys, this has actually become a primary source of earning a living, with lots of other generous perks (gifts from fans) along the way.


Onlyfans is a userfriendly platform where content creators shoot their own videos from mild to wild and naughty and nice, to straight-up raunchy XXX porn, offering the content to private-only subscribers who pay a monthly fee to access their page. 

On Onlyfans and similar sites, performers can set prices based solely on what they believe to be their worth. They are literally their own boss. Subscriptions can range from $1 per month to upwards of 24.99 and above. Some guys with a significant following are even reporting a six-figure income, of which they pay a small percentage; a fee, to the Onlyfans platform. They also pay taxes because the money must be reported as income. Still, even with those deductions, for some, that can equate to an annual net salary of 50-60K or more.

If you look at the current landscape of who has that market covered, it’s the ultra ripped bodied, 20-30 somethings. Having sex on their Onlyfans accounts to pay the rent is the equivalent to just another day in the office. It seems like a younger man’s game, taking into account the stamina it must take to keep creating new content and keep subscribers engaged. In a sea of so much competition, making fresh content is a taxing but necessary proposition. With many of the guys relying solely on their youth, beauty and penis size to keep viewers interested, I can speak from experience as a former subscriber to a few accounts – that gets real old quick. So to slay the Onlyfans game, you better have more to give than lackluster, shaky cell phone videos or quick public bathroom stall wanks.  

In other words, you better bring it, like Barnabysdaddy!

Barnabysdaddy tanning his assets

Onlyfans sensation, James Scott Geras – AKA ‘Barnabysdaddy,’ is an anomaly. His naughty yet approachable internet star is on the rise. However, he is neither a twink nor considered a youngin. He is not super tall, nor super ripped, nor does he have one of those enormous penises I mentioned (though he does have a damn nice one and a great butt). All that said, he is one of the most handsome, vibrant, and sexiest men on earth. Judging by his high subscription numbers on Onlyfans, and countless IG followers, it’s clear I’m not alone in this assessment.

Juxtaposed to the thousands of young men online selling peek-a-boos to get their bills paid, Geras’ motivation is entirely different. A successful multimedia artist by trade, he is financially independent and a 28-year renown gallery owner. His current gallery is amid the higher echelon of the Palm Springs art community. Add to that his need to create, a strong sex drive and an exhibitionistic nature. Onlyfans is the perfect platform for ‘Barnabysdaddy’ to explore naughty narratives on video as an artistic expression – as opposed to merely making porn.


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing James as he was in the final stages of relaunching his website. His popularity has branched into a merchandise line on which he is the featured model. The new site, out of necessity, needed to be revamped to accommodate the influx of e-commerce requests for his calendars, mugs, T-shirts, fabulous beach towels and more – all featuring his image. The range of pictures is stunning, mostly homoerotic in nature and unmistakenly artistic. The shots are taken at various locations, from beautiful remote farms in the country to Geras’ 3800 square ft. estate in Palm Springs, complete with his infamous backyard swimming pool, and cabana.

As I video-Skyped with James, I found him warm, funny, and down to earth. He felt familiar–like a big brother, Daddy, and favorite uncle all at once, with a charismatic, Santa -like squint in his eyes. I secretly pondered what it would be like to sit on his lap, like I would Santa, and tell him what I want to find under my tree. Instead, I more appropriately asked him to share what it’s like to be one of the most successful and sexiest Daddy Bears on the Internet, to which he replied,

“I honestly didn’t have a clue that I would gain so many subscribers. I thought I’d just make a few interesting artistic videos here and there, and maybe have a few followers who like older guys, but it blows my mind to have so many people into it and from a varying age range. It’s inspiring.”



James was quick to also point out a notable distinction other than age, 


“I don’t just create sexual content,” he explains, “I do amusing things, or share conversation videos with unique friends. Sometimes I share my thoughts on topics of the day, share personal moments or short stories. I show off my crazy outfits and dance in the shower to my favorite songs –including even some of your songs, Corey Andrew! Recently I also started collaborating and making sexy and fun videos with popular adult performers like Nigel March and KittenBear, and I try to post new content every single day. Even if just a short clip. I’ll post something new for my audience. I take my content seriously.”

With such a dedication to creating high-quality material for his fans, I was perplexed as to why Geras only charges 4.99 per month when so many of the other guys on Onlyfans are charging more. Geras made it clear,

“I’m not in it for the money. I want people to be able to afford to subscribe and be a part of my Barnabysdaddy experience. I see so many guys on Onlyfans with such high pricing, while lacking in their content and with poor quality. Some guys only make a couple of videos here and there and yet they are charging $10, 15$, even $20+ per month. They seem to forget people can just as easily unsubscribe if you don’t retain their interest.”

James Scott Geras AKA Barnabysdaddy at his gorgeous Palm Springs home, beside one of his home-baked creation.

Though Geras is not in it for the money, he revealed that with his high amount of subscribers paying $4.99 per month, he can earn between $6000-$12,000 monthly. Then too, there are the gifts. Fans will sometimes send him high-end gifts, anything from designer leather jackets to rim seats and fetish gear. I asked what his most surprising gift from a fan? His eyes brightened with wonderment as he asked,

“Have you heard of Shokrala? The Designer who makes dazzling costumes for big stars like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry? He’s one of my favorite designers, and I mentioned on Instagram how much I love his work, and it was a dream of mine to have one of his wild custom outfits. Well, one of my fans saw this and bought me a custom fitting with Shokrala! His pieces are thousands of dollars. So that was an amazing gift, and unexpected. I love my Shokrala original, and I love my fans!” 



Everybody loves gifts, but Barnabysdaddy doesn’t measure his success by material things fans may send. He’s far more connected emotionally, confiding that he likes to respond with personal replies and shoutouts to fans from around the world who have sent him messages. He doesn’t take them for granted and tries to reply personally in some way when time allows; however, his growing popularity makes it nearly impossible these days. Nobody is more surprised by all the attention than Geras himself who modestly declared,

“Corey, I’m nearly 55 years old, and I’m selling merchandise with my image on it because people were asking me to use my own photos instead of models – so I did. I have brand endorsements and I’m getting offers from major clubs and events to Go-Go dance because the promoters have seen the videos of me dancing around my pool and in the shower, having fun. I’m talking about significant events like Kubkamp and more. I never would have thought this all would be happening at this point in my life. It’s great and mostly because of Onlyfans and Instagram”

With a consistent audience base on Onlyfans and 60,000 followers on Instagram, Barnabysdaddy can teach the youngins in the game that being humble is a sexy trait, and age ain’t nothing but a number. As he explains it,


“I’m not your typical porn sparkler, lol. I don’t have a six-pack. I actually laugh, smile, and love to have fun without taking myself too seriously.” 

Yea, ok that all may be true, however, James’ toned Daddy build and that signature silver beard are pretty damn sexy. Don’t just take my word for it. Checkout Barnabysdaddy for yourself. He’ll also be showcasing at Palm Springs Pride this year right in front of the new Eagle 501 bar, so stop by to meet him in person – and let him know you read about him here at Instinct Magazine!



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